Esteem-Industrial Wireless-Solutions is a company that offers Products and Solutions/Services to a varying array of client backgrounds. They were founded in 1982 and was initially an electronic consulting firm that also instrumentation control and product development. But, in 1983 the company grew into something more. They began the development of their own products, Esteem Wireless Modem which took them on the fast track to becoming public in November of 1984. They were then awarded the US, followed by Canadian patents for Wireless Computer Modem in the years of 1987/88. They continue to produce their line of products, while also adjusting to a customer and the ever-changing world of the futures Tech's needs.

They have been the self-proclaimed industry leader and patent holders of the wireless modem for over thirty years, as well as wireless solutions for both domestic and international industrial control, public safety, and federal markets. They have recently released their latest advancement in the Esteem Wireless Ethernet line with the Horizon series of radio modems and high-powered Wireless Ethernet-Model 210.

Their sleek, modern website offers you a detailed, bilingual look into their history and successes. From their basic story to helpful tools like their Product Matrix as well as Quotation Request services.

Once you get a look at their main screen you can see that they immediately point you in the direction for help and any questions. I'm assuming because they do offer such a vast array of client services. You also can get a look at what a Serial Radio Modems, Industrial Wireless Ethernet, and Solutions in accordance with their standards, really is. This is also made easier with their simple, crisp white background, black basic font, and red-highlighted font for keywords and phrases, to help clarify as you read their descriptions.

This area goes on to explain how the wireless network industry is constantly growing and evolving and their ability and desire to keep up with the competition and times but consistent client satisfaction. They offer you a brief introductory video as well. This allows you to understand the scope of their services. These can be Water, and Water Waste Solutions, Oil and Gas Industries, Agriculture Solutions, Mining Solutions, Material handling, Factory Floor Services, Power and Energy, and Ethernet Networking. They also describe their networking as an "Industrial Mesh" that enables reachable design with built-in redundancy for total system stability and reliability.

The Continue with a SpotLight Section that enables you to see recent Software Updates and Releases as well as links and news to support all information. An example of this is their release of a Horizon Radio Series Software Update which was released January 31 of this year. From Here if you are still unsure of your decision to further explore this company and their services, you can review a few success stories. These range from a Petrol company in Columbia, pomegranate production in California, and the first installation of their Horizon 2.4 GHz high-speed wireless modem system in the Columbia Basin in Washington State.

Once you decide to move onward scroll over the menu options to see an incredibly detailed description of all their products, which there are plenty, but do not feel overwhelmed. This is why there are so many sections. Everything is very well thought out and thoroughly detailed. Literally, an endless list of products under the tab listed by product then subcategorized by model.

Moving on to Solutions they begin by letting you in on more success stories, then you can click on more detail descriptions of the particular industries they serve. Even more, they bring you details on the Industrial Wireless-Networks and the Rockwell Encompass Program. This just describes more about their initial product and their long-time partnership with Rockwell Automation where they have been providing a complete line of wireless solutions for their automation networks since 1988.

They also provide a Support section that essentially provides support for their various forms of Esteem Utilities. Ranging from their Horizon and Edge-Series Utilizes to RF Site Design Tools, Legacy Hardware-Utilities, Engineering Services, and Technical Library and Training. They have countless ways to contact the company for any need you might have as well as a blog.

If you are still having doubts of your decision just jump back over to the Home page and read their "Why Choose …" section and observe their sole business being wireless communications and how they have designed and manufactured a complete line of devices for the FCC. Or discover their ability to deliver integrated turn-key wireless solutions.

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ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions
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Phone: 509-735-9092
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