is the online presence of Mole Masters a company associated with providing a range of silo/bin cleaning services. The website offers a variety of information concerning the services the company offers.

Users can access contact details, and potential customers can quickly get a quotation for prospective business arrangements.

Overall Appearance

Once you click the link redirecting you to the website's home page, the first thing you notice red color used as the primary theme. The logo and business name are in the top left corner of the homepage. The wordings are in white, but the navigation bar is in red. White and black are used intermittently.

The typography does not vary and remains the same throughout all website pages. There is gallery section, but the site makes abundant use of images in explaining the reach of their services, you can see this by scrolling to the bottom of the home page where a three-by-three picture grid shows the fields that mole masters can work in.

The page layout is a simple as well as functional and sensible design. The navigation menu appears horizontally on the top of the page with each section link listed on it. Directly below it is an image panel, with sliding images from left to right.

The navigation structure is relatively simple to follow as from the navigation bar, you can access the drop-down menus to access the links to pages categorized together. For example, by clicking the "Silo & Bin Cleaning" button on the bar; you will get a list of links to additional resources about the same topic. Once you're done, you can retrace your steps back to the navigation bar and access other page links.

The loading speeds to open the pages are average and depend on your internet connection and the website's central servers. The loading speeds should be prompt and give you a feeling that you are on a business website, and so far this website has reasonable speeds.

As expected from a business-based site, the pages have no annoying pop-up ads. Users are not fond of seeing adverts as they distract you and put you off from navigating through the website.

Responsive Pages

For the more tech-savvy minded, you instantly notice that the website features large amounts of embedded JavaScript code to make the pages dynamic, this helps your experience more interesting as you engage with the offers on the site.

The designers of the place made sure to avoid requiring the use of plug-ins and cookies, which is something many users find cumbersome and probably don't even understand correctly.

Search Functionality

A glaring omission is the lack of a "search functionality". Although this website just aims to convey information on the business services of Mole Masters and does not require a search function due to its basic nature you would at least prefer having this feature when searching a specific keyword.

The "About Us" is comprehensive, giving details on the company's physical address and makes an effort to assure the users of their professionalism and safe services.

FAQ Page The website has an FAQ page dedicated to discussing issues pertaining safety. This is a standard feature in industry-based service companies' sites that deal with specialized machinery requiring high standards of safety precautions. This FAQ link is found under the safety section and is not a stand-alone section as expected.

About Us Page

The company being a business enterprise ensures to make financial guarantees on their services clear, and you can find this at the "about us" section. Apart from the quotation request forms, there is no mention on options for secure online shopping and necessary payment details.

This appears to be because the site is not designed for transactions but just to educate users on the multitude of silo/bin cleaning services that exist.

Personal Experience

I was thrilled with the colors and attractive page design that included dynamic features and an easy to use navigation bar. All pages scroll from up to down and loading times are good. Being a business website, I was glad to see that they provide an online quotation request form for their services and equipment on the home page.

This is beneficial for anyone who quickly wants to get their business done upon arriving at the home page. Navigating through the various sections is comfortable and the information presented in a clear and logical manner. One cannot help but feel like the navigation bar is slightly congested and that some of the sections are similar in a sense and should be grouped under one section.

Business address

Mole•Master Services Corporation
Reno Business Park, 27815 State Route 7,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-740-374-6726
Fax: +1-740-374-5908