Cash flow is very important in keeping us going. Perhaps you always save a little from your hard-earned money to use it when needed. But sometimes the situation is not in our control. You might run out of cash. Anxiety starts to build-up if you are in an urgent need of cash and there is no one around whom you can ask for help.

Somewhere, you remember seeing website that provides you an instant loan of up to $1000. You open the website, fill in the required details and in few minutes you receive the requested cash in your bank account. This is how easy is.

The website is simple yet gives a very effective message to its visitors. As soon as you land on the homepage, the sky blue color used in the background gives a soothing effect to the eyes. The overall color used in designing the homepage is quite vibrant focusing on the main button with bright blue color.


The first thing any new visitor can make out from the homepage is, it gives a loan. Well, how much? The answer is quite clear from the first line of the website 100$ - 1000$ Payday Loans.

Next, the attention goes to three images on the top that are in line with the steps follow to approve the loan.

i) The first image - "Statue of Liberty" with text speaks as how is available 24/7 throughout the USA.

ii) The second image - Husband, Wife & credit card with text that gives a message banks may not approve your load but will.

iii) The third image - Two shaking hands with cash indicates the deal is made and the loan is approved.

As you scroll down the homepage, the website has explained all about payday loans. This beautifully crafted definition gives a clear message that anyone above 18 years old and has a source of income can take a loan from On the first paragraph itself, all the confusion and doubts related to customer service, cash amount transfer and loan approval gets cleared. Till now, the website has kept its visitors spellbound. Moving further down the page, the website keeps on clearing all the what, where, why and how questions that might have popped up in the mind of the visitor.

Right-Hand Sidebar

The right-hand sidebar of the homepage has a list of all the states in the USA where gives its service. Click on your state, you will be directed to a page where the website has shared the statistics of your state - what percentage of male and female take loan, their age, household income of the borrowers and many other statistics.

These statistics build a trust in the mind of the visitor and helps in the decision making process. Below the sidebar, there is a small section of the most viewed pages. A visitor quickly gets an idea, people from which other state has viewed a particular page on the website. The second level of trust is built.

Navigation Bar

You will never miss this yellow color of the navigation bar with a light shade of orange. The dark green color of the text on the navigation bar gives a vibrant effect to the website.

The blue color text used in "Apply up to $1000 Now!" navigation bar attracts attention as it's kind of popping out and gives a message of urgency.

News Page

This page has a list of all the articles that have been published on along with the date. Visitors can browse the article of their interest and click on the link. It takes the visitor to the blog page of the website where they can read the full article.


The website has a collection few interesting articles to educate the visitor with respect to a certain topic not exactly linked to loans and other financial stuff. This page makes the website quite engaging as has published some interesting articles to add to their customer's knowledge.

The top right corner of the homepage also displays recent articles published on the website. So the visitor can skip the Article Section all together and directly land on to the page where the full article is published.

Reviews This section has genuine customer review from the states. You can browse your state and read what other customers are talking about

Apply Now

Apply Now section comes with a form where you have to fill in your name as well as your address, contact information, bank account details, and loan amount. After you click Submit, wait for 10-15 minutes and your bank account will get credited with the requested amount. Easy right?


The overall website design is simple and quite appealing to anyone who is in urgent need of cash. The website is developed in such a way it will always remain at the top of the visitor's mind.

The instant cash approval system without much of paperwork makes the life of the customers easier.

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2021 E 3rd St.,
United States

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Phone: +1-916-333-0645