If you would like to invest in real estates, 52 Properties is the place to do so. It is an investment platform with a group of professionals who are based throughout the United States. Each member of the team has vast experience in the areas of real estate investing, from acquisition and sales to rent and property management.

How it Works

The whole process is very simple; you will be required to sign up to be included in the mailing list. Once in the mail list, you will receive an email once per week. The email contains the property details of the best deal of the week. The details include location, price and profit and loss statement.

The first person to respond to the email will be given the priority to purchase off market properties in cash as it is the only way to close escrow within the shortest possible time You will have full access to the entire team before the property closes. The team is composed of an insurance management, property management, leasing agents and contractors.

You do not have to worry about your money since not even a buck will be lost. Off Market Deals 52 Properties have a team in every location they offer properties. The team is constantly looking for property owners selling their properties as soon as possible due to their situation.

They then purchase the property in cash, to secure a discount, once they buy the property; they then refurbish it making it look attractive and appealing. The leasing agents then set to work and find a suitable tenant and the deal is closed.

The property owner gets to sell, the investor invests and the tenant finds a place to live-everybody wins! Locations The real estate market is a dynamic market, ever changing. For this reason, we only focus on the areas with promising returns and strong economies.

Currently, we are focused on; Chicago in Illinois, Cleveland in Ohio, Columbus in Ohio, Phoenix in Arizona, Las Vegas in Nevada, Upstate New York, Dallas in Texas, Houston in Texas and Nashville in Tennessee.

Why Us At 52 properties, we have a team that is dedicated to give you a smooth passage to your financial freedom. We help you invest at the right time and at the right place increasing the chances of success. We also offer education about real estate investment to keep you updated. We close an average of 10 positive deals per month. 52 Properties is the right place to set your financial foot if you are to head to financial freedom.

Business address

52 Properties, LLC
1515 7th Street # 25,
Santa Monica,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 310-363-0556