This is a resource for those interested in gold and silver items, ranging from coins to bullets. You can buy these sorts of items from the website directly and can benefit from free shipping.

Aside from that, you can trade and invest in gold and silver using this website’s integrated trading system. The main page will underline the Word Spot Prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium, featuring a graph for their price as well. On the bottom half of the page, you’ll get three main categories: featured products, new arrivals and provident top ten items. Most items are in mint condition and the coins look pretty neat. If any given item has the “out of stock” label, then you can get notifications on when it will become available again.

As for item descriptions – you’ll get access to pictures and comprehensive presentations which include all sorts of information, like country of manufacture, composition, weight, mint/brand and the SKU for the item. Descriptions are available for each and every item featured on the website.

You can also take two similar products and compare them in terms of price and reviews. Users who have bought a certain item can also leave their own personalized review on the website for other users to take note of when they make a purchase, making the whole shopping side a very comprehensive and customer-oriented one.

A lot of categories are available which allow you to easily sift through huge lists of products featured on the website. You can decide the weight, the denomination and even certification for the items and get a list containing products that match your exact queries.

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Provident Precious Metals
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Phone: 877-429-8790