[email protected] is an online business analysis journal by the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Thejournal analyzes current business trends, publishes the latest business research, reviews book, and also serves are a repository of thousands of business articles.

The site's homepage is rich in content, which is well-organized into subtopics such as aDTechnology', aDManagement' and aDPublic Policy', among others. Multimedia content such as videos and images aid in identifying different fields covered by journal.

A slideshow of the anchor articles on the homepage enables the viewer to locate the most recent content on the site, with ease.

An educational website linked to the University of Pennsylvania. Much of its content is management-inspired and focuses on contemporary management skills. It provides a platform for knowledge on topics directly or indirectly related to management, for example, Technology, Finance, Innovation, Marketing, and Social impact by putting company performances in the spotlight.

Forums in this website (including video streams) give readers insights about possible remedial strategies as occasioned by different company reports. News updates especially news touching on the above topics is run as events unfold.