This website aims at attracting career talent in the medical industry. Users can apply for nursing and general hospital jobs through the Lee Memorial Health System represented by this website. The location for the job is in Southwest Florida.

The website looks nice for its purpose. It features detailed descriptions of the available jobs and opportunities at this location. Users can also use a search tool to find their preferred jobs within this particular context. In this sense, the site also works as a job directory, featuring jobs by category, by schedule and by location. As a user, you can browse available openings based on this category search, making the experience of digging for and finding a job a fairly straightforward one.

As mentioned before, each job has its own page that features specifics about said job. You’ll read up on requirements for the job and a description underlining your responsibilities in that position. The degrees you’ll need and all activities related to that particular job will also be presented on this page and an Apply button is available for each job as well.

Social media integration is also a big part of this website. Close to the bottom main page, you’ll see the news feed from Facebook, Linked In and a Twitter feed as well. You can use RSS to sign up for newsletters and new job listings sent over to your email directly. The FAQ page features most commonly asked questions and their answers. You can use it to better navigate and apply for the jobs of your choice a lot easier than if you don’t read it.

Overall, the website marks its point nicely and offers a valuable tool for those looking for jobs in this field.

Business address

Lee Memorial Health System
Fort Myers,
United States