Resource for biotech and pharmacy job openings at Millennium Pharmaceuticals within Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. They are searching for oncologists primarily with the sole purpose of defeating cancer.

Lots of resources are available on the website and it features an intuitive design that will help navigate its contents a lot more easily. There are plenty of categories to choose from and if location is a better and more important factor for you, then you can browse job availability based on location as well.

Featured jobs are available as well, aside from some social media integration through Twitter and Linked In. You can create an account to store your resume and get offers on new posted jobs which suit and match your personal interests. You can build your resume directly on the website by using a Profile Builder and attach a cover letter to it as well.

A search tool is available for you to find jobs a lot easier if you already know exactly what you’re looking for. Once you find the job of your choice, you can click on it and be led to its full description, including demands for qualifications and duties and responsibilities affiliated with said job.

A news feed and blog also allows you to learn more about the jobs featured here. Aside from that, you can get information relevant to oncology and other medical fields related to the jobs posted here.