The BusinessSeek Business Directory lists B2B businesses as well as consumer oriented businesses. It is organized like most directories with hierarchical categories. You will not find websites for public schools, non-profits, government websites, personal blogs, public park sites, or free recipe sites because all the websites listed in this directory sell products and/or services.

My first impression of the BusinessSeek Business Directory is that the layout and design is far too busy. The text is significantly smaller than what you typically find on a business directory, and there is so much of it crammed into the three columns on every page, it is difficult to see what they actually have to offer.

You have to really study this site to see what it entails and most people would not be willing to do this when they land on an unfamiliar website. This includes a user who may be looking for a business in a business considering advertising on a site.

The BusinessSeek Business Directory is obviously trying to keyword stuff the title on their homepage as they have it listed as "Business Directory, Business Directories, Small Business Directory" without including their actual business name. This is always a really bad sign as Google and other search engines will definitely penalize a site for keyword stuffing.

This directory also keyword stuffs in their pathway names, placing all of their categories under a directory called "business-directory." This is a practice that did improve a website's ranking for the targeted key phrase for a temporary time several years ago but today it is considered bad form.

One thing that jumps out at you while exploring this site is how many empty banner ads there are. They are everywhere. It is distracting and it shows that few people want to buy banner ads in this directory. Keep in mind too that the domain name ends in a .biz suffix. Any serious directory owner developing a directory with the end user in mind would look for either a .com or a .org domain name.

The BusinessSeek Business Directory also offers the ability to submit an article for sponsorship. They actually charge for this service starting at one article for a one year inclusion for $25. This site is nowhere near popular enough to make this worthwhile.

Besides, you can get free links in article directories like The only time paying to post an article with a link might be worthwhile is if the site you are posting it to is very popular with extremely high traffic and good link juice. This directory site offers neither of these things.

Overall, this directory seems to be all about trying to sell a banner ad or a sponsored listing at the expense of not offering valuable experience to a user who might actually try to use the directory. Further, it seems to go too far in its efforts to optimize the directory for the search engines.