is an extensive directory listing businesses in a large number of categories. This is a mature site with a huge number of listings. This is always a good sign when picking out a directory to list your business. Plus, the layout is professional, the pages load quickly, and the site is easy to navigate.

This site has an interesting layout when it comes to listing the businesses within its directory. When you click on a category page, the top listings are displayed in a side-by-side comparison grid. This quickly lets you compare some of their top features and promotions. The rest of the listings on each category page seem to be in alphabetical order with a helpful description.

A basic listing currently costs $299 per year. However, if you want to get your business listed at the top of a category page and have it appear in the side-by-side comparison grid, you will have to pay a premium. They do not advertise this price on the site. Instead, they request you fill out a form for a quote. In other cases where the premium price is not advertised, I've found this means the cost is somewhat flexible. Never be afraid to bargain a bit when dealing with a directory listing!

For some categories such as accounting software, phone services, and background checks, there are very useful tips on how to select a company in that particular category following the listings. There are also some interesting articles to read on this site as well as a blog. also has a very easy to remember domain name that is perfect for its purpose. This gives an immediate advantage to any business listed in this directory since internet studies have found that up to 18 percent of all internet traffic is derived from type in traffic! Type in traffic is when a user types the URL address into the location bar themselves instead of using a search engine or following a link. In fact, the type in traffic with a good domain name can generate so much traffic that some companies have literally paid millions of dollars to acquire another business just because of the domain name(s) they have registered. seems to offer several other adverting options on its site. These include a pay per click option and targeted display advertisement. They also have a system for capturing leads for you which they verify by phone. If you have a large enough budget, you could potentially try several avenues of adverting with this site and determine which one(s) works best for your specific business. Of course, just the branding and link juice you would receive on this site from a basic directory listing would be well worth your while.

I found only one sneaky drawback to the directory. This is a Google Adsense ad block strategically placed between the top listings and all the other listings on each directory category page. This ad blends in so well with the page, it is easy to be fooled into thinking that these Google Adsense links are actually business links in the directory. However, I guess it is no more sneaky than placing a brand name cereal box in a movie! states on its site that it receives millions of hits a month. Given the scope of this site and its domain name, this is very believable. I highly recommend you consider listing your business in this directory if you can afford it. Also, this directory does seem like a valuable resource for comparing businesses in a specific business category.

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Phone: (888) 441-4466