In this time and age, the internet plays a crucial role in promoting our products as well as goods and services. It could be a website like YouTube where you can entertain yourself with amusing cat videos or it could be a website like where travelers can book a hotel room in their desired locations and cities all over the world.

It is quite necessary for business firms to build a website that can help them interact with their potential customer. Nowadays, if your business firm doesn't have an official website under its name then you lose your trustworthinessand credibility that comes with a website.

About Polyprint

Just take a look at the official website of Polyprint and you will see what it means to build a website that is worthy of your praise. You can go on making websites that seemingly won't do you any good in terms of customer satisfaction and product development. However, in order to earn your credibility and reach thousands of potential customers, you must build a website that is totally-customer oriented as you can't expect to profit from something that you like but others don't.

And Polyprint knows this. They have created their website in such a unique manner that anyone who lands on their website will be fascinated enough to go through their website without getting bored. In its essence, Polyprint is basically a leading UK flexographic packaging company that focuses on printing and supplying high-quality mailing bags, food packaging, promotional magazine wraps, and wicketed bags to some of the most reputed brand companies all over the world.


When you visit the homepage, you will see a continuous video shot of a printing machine along with the introductory lines of Polyprint. Within seconds of opening the homepage of this website, you can understand what Polyprint specializes in and what they are trying to offer to you as you can easily read out the introductory lines of Polyprint which are positioned right at the center of their video.

Your whole laptop screen will be covered by the continuous video shot along with the introductory lines of Polyprint. But you will also be able to see "Food Packaging", "Self-Seal & Courier Bags", "Wicketed Bags", "Mailing Films", and "Storage & Distribution" right at the top of their homepage. Also, the colors used in their website's homepage are very vivid and makes the homepage more visually appealing for their users.

Inside Pages

Now let's head into their inside pages. You can click on "Food Packaging" and open up one of their few inside pages and instantly see that Polyprint offers printed plastic packaging services to their customers, just as they clearly mention about their services within the Food Packaging page.

There's a section fully dedicated to tell potential customers what benefits they can get from packaging their foods. Furthermore, you can also notice that there are sections titled "Quality food-packaging with high-speed turnaround" and "High-quality food-packaging printing" as you scroll through it. In those sections, you can read about the type of machines as well as techniques used by Polyprint to help give fresh foods a longer shelf life.

Similarly, every other inside page features a section that clearly tells what Polyprint can offer and what their services are. Users don't have to look too much to get what they want from the website of Polyprint as everything is designed elegantly without making the webpage overwhelmingly overcrowded with unnecessary information, outbound links, pictures or even animations.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonial is another decisive factor which adds credence to the legitimacy and validity of a website. You cannot always decide whether or not a particular website is trustworthy without going through its customer testimonials.

While recently built websites don't have customer testimonials as they really haven't been in business for much duration of time, other websites that claim to have been in existence for several years must have customer testimonials in their website if they wish to show their customers that they are totally legitimate and that no harm will happen by using their services. In line with this, Polyprint has built a small section down at their homepage to let its users go through their customer testimonials and check out the testimonials written by their previous customers.

Quick Inquiry

What happens after you are impressed with the services offered by a packaging firm like Polyprint? Well, for starters, you would want to get in touch with them and tell them that you want to use their products and services. So, in those cases, having a 'Quick Inquiry' box/section is very important.

You really can't go wrong with having a quick inquiry section in your website as this is the place where your customers would try to go if they want to get directly in touch with you. Also, you can find the quick inquiry section right below the customer testimonial section and above the footer in Polyprint's homepage.


Overall, the Polyprint's website is very easy to use and I personally like how simple the design of their website is. While some may prefer websites with more drop-down sections and picture sliders, I really appreciate the simplicity and easiness of Polyprint's website.

So, I believe that customers will never feel disoriented or confused while going through their web pages. In addition to that, the website is very responsive and doesn't break down when you use it in other devices like your smartphones or tablets which have different screen sizes.

Business address

Earl Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate,
NR13 6NT
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 01603 721807