The rock band FREERIDER, was formed in the early 90's when a chance meeting of New England musicians happened in a Dunkin Donuts store. From there on, they created and arranged music that is best described as hippie-shredder-groove rock.

Little did they know that the music they composed more than a decade ago, still catches attention to the thrill of young and old listeners. Their songs are positive in spirit, mostly emotional, but encouraging after overcoming some struggles.

This site features special free downloads of their music which is described by critiques as thoughtful, lyrica, introspective, honest, and with excellent chorus direction. It also includes their photos, social media links to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn and ILike.

Fans can follow them by becoming a fan , and also can leave comments. They also keep a blog on this site which chronicles their journey from their origins to their hiatus in mid 90's and their reunion early this year.

Also on this site, is a store of music downloads from Itunes, Amazon, and even merchandise such as shirts, sweaters and mugs from Zazzle. All in all, this site, is the official page of FREERIDER. The band is composed of bassist/vocalist Todd Erickson, guitarist Steve Coyne and drummer Jeremy Waybright.

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