Do you think you have two left feet? Have you always wanted to learn how to dance the way they do in a ballroom? Have you always just wanted to learn how to dance, even if it's just a simple dance like the one they do in prom? Is a special occasion almost here and it's important that you learn how to dance? American Classic Ballroom is your answer. It is a dancing instruction center located in Victoria, MN. It's co-owned by its Master Ballroom Instructors, Paul, and Natalie Botes. The dancing instruction center has a website; American Classic Ballroom. If you are interested in dancing in ballrooms and alternative special occasions, it is only natural that you would want to check out the website. Here is what you should expect from it.

The User Interface

The website is one of the simplest you are ever going to come around. In terms of design, it isn't too busy. At the top right of the homepage is the logo of the website and immediately to the left is the main menu. After the main menu, there is a slideshow that functions like an announcement slideshow. It displays information on the current and upcoming events of the dancing instruction center. And that's pretty much it as far as the home page of the website is concerned.


If you are going to visit this website, you must be there for one main reason; what can they do for you? The American Classic Ballroom will teach you to dance the way Prince William was taught to dance; like a prince. I am well aware that there are also female dancers. I could have typed, "or princess" after prince but I'm not sure Prince William was taught to dance like a Princess. But since I must also acknowledge the ladies in the room; you will also be taught to dance like a Princess.

There are:

Private Lessons

Group Classes, and

Social Dances

Whatever your dancing needs, you will probably fall under one of these three classes. You can visit the "Lessons and Classes" page to get a detailed view of what exactly is involved in these classes.

You can check out the "Calendar" page to have a look at what the lesson arrangements are like at the center. And if you'd like to get the opinion of others regarding what the services are like at the dancing center, the "About Us" page has some feedback from former dance students. You'll find these from the mid-section of the "About Us" page. Furthermore, no one will question you if you happen to read a little about who Paul and Natalie Botes are and their credentials. It's best to know who is behind a website to determine whether the contents of the website are credible.


It's easy to navigate, and its performance is good. Now let's go and turn that other left foot of yours into a right foot so that you can impress your Princess or Prince on that special occasion you are looking forward to.

Business address

American Classic Ballroom
1495 Steiger Lake Ln,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-952-934-0900