is a part of ArtInvest Company. Since July 2003 we have been helping talented abstract painters throughout the world sell their wonderful art. Most of our painters are based in the United States but we are an internationally art gallery that also accepted unique and signed abstract paintings from skilled artists who reside in over 40 countries throughout the world.

An abstract or landscape painting do more than add value to your home or office. They also are a really rewarding and valuable investment as well. At we cut your purchasing time by allowing only unique abstract art to be displayed on our website so you do not have to spend numerous hours searching through various art galleries to find the perfect original painting for your wall decor.

It is our mission to make sure that we always have the best abstract artworks available for you from talented painters featured in our display. Before we make the decision to include any artists' work we first have our experts review the painting for not only uniqueness but quality as well. We also make sure that the prices charged for the art decorations are moderate so anyone is able to purchase or invest in the artwork that is offered. Additionally, we also make sure we have background information to include about the various artists on their artwork.

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