Arts & Scraps is a nonprofit that makes learning and creativity fun and affordable. We recycle 28 tons of material each year and serve 275,000 children.

At Arts & Scraps

STORE WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS: stuff a whole grocery bag at affordable prices. Teachers, parents, group leaders and artists all find interesting "stuff" and ideas. Schools and nonprofits get a discount.

Hours: Tues., Thurs. 11-6, Sat. 11-4

KITS: open-ended, fun projects for 1 or a group, curriculum ideas on our website.

INTERACTIVE LEARNING STATIONS: bring children to learn and create.

GROUP FIELD TRIPS: visit the stations, make a custom project and shop

VOLUNTEER: individuals at the store, drop in during open hours; groups assemble kits at the private warehouse, to schedule call 313-640-9050.

At Your Location in SE Michigan:

STUDENT WORKSHOPS: 8 curriculum themes, shopping on our 26' ScrapMobile bus.

ADULT WORKSHOPS: parents and teachers working with children.

CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES AT EVENTS: public or private, custom designed project for you.

On Our Website Store: KITS for groups PUBLICATIONS to promote creativity DONATE to support our programs

We are always seeking more materials. What do YOU throw away? Is it safe for children? We pick up materials at businesses (call 313-640-9050 to schedule a visit to your company). Individuals bring needed items to the store--please see the list on our website.

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Arts & Scraps
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Phone: 313-640-4411
Fax: 313-640-4422