Talk about simplicity. If you are a fan of unfinished things, then you'll love Filmtronic. It is one of the simplest live websites I"ve ever seen. I have come across websites that are just plain HTML with text; with almost no styling attempts at all. Filmtronic is one of those websites, but it's not just plain HTML; there is some PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript involved here and there. It is a website dedicated to making reviews about past and recent movies and video game releases. It's been live since 2016. It's funny making a review about a website that does reviews on other things. Anyway, here we go.

What to Expect

Simplicity. The first time I accessed Filmtronic, I reloaded the page three times because I assumed some things had not yet finished loading. After the third time, that was when I realized that perhaps that's just how the website was designed. It is customary today for a website to center content on the page, use fancy designs to do this and that, and use various interesting backgrounds and images for different design effects.

Filmtronic is a very simple website. The background of the website is, none. At the top of the site is a rather thin banner containing the logo of the website. Following is the main menu – more to the right of the site. The main menu has only three items: About Us, Our Tech, and How it Works.

On the home page of the site, you'll find images of movies and video games grouped and arranged according to the year of release. On the left side of the page are the movie reviews and on the right are the video game reviews. To check out the review of a movie or video game, just click its respective image and you'll be directed to the review. The site also provides a link to IMDb reviews as well as Amazon if you"re interested in purchasing the movie. It is a simple site but its developers have gone the extra mile to ensure that it's functional.

The video game reviews are not many at the moment of this article's writing. In fact, there were only two video game reviews when I visited the site. According to the site, they will be providing reviews for video games that have already been fully developed as well as those that are still in development. In a way, it is an excellent opportunity for one to get to test out new video games before they are officially released.

Click the "About Us" link to learn about the persons behind this simple site.

Check out the "Our Tech" menu item to get a glimpse of the kind technology that has been used to develop the website.

The "How it Works" link will take you to a page that explains you to use the website.

If you are talking about simplicity, you are talking about Filmtronic.


Filmtronic is a very simple website that does reviews on movies and video games. I appreciate the simple design of the website. Otherwise, it may be the future IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes; who knows?