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Making money online with HubPages

When it comes to online money making techniques, HubPages is another way to earn some cash out of your online work, besides Adsense or freelancing money making methods described by me here and there.

What is HubPages?

Well, HubPages is a content management portal. You can sign up and add your own content, insert your own affiliate links, AdSense ads or EBay products.The catch is that you’ll get a certain percentage of those earnings. What really happens is:

Pageviews or “impressions” are split between HubPages Inc. and the author (you). Hubbers receive 60% of the total impressions and HubPages Inc. takes the rest, which is 40%.

Of course, as I said many times, you can’t make money online with no work or easy work. For some it isn’t that simple to write valuable content, preferably SEO content in order to get those precious impressions that pay.

The upside of using HubPages to make money online is that beside the SEO content (like keyword density, smart linking to good resources, maybe some H1, H2 formatting and some research work) you can forget about those tendentious backlink building techniques, web designing issues and so on. This is because HubPages (as a whole) as a website is very well ranked by search engines. It’s an old, trustable resource and has tons of backlinks.

All you have to do is write as much as you possibly can.

The downside, however, is very solid. I mean getting only 60% of the impressions your writings get… it’s somehow a rip off. Also, I know people with a couple of hundreds of created hubs who earn like $15/month, which is not satisfying at all.

But again, it’s more up to what you know you can do. There are many people (maybe gardeners, mommies who like to cook, students etc) who enjoy writing niche content and they fit very well in that category that love using Hubpages to make money online.Your best bet on making money with HubPages is to find a low competition but profitable (is there such thing?) niche and heavily pump good content in it.

Also (I don’t know if this would work for sure, my imagination is productive today) you can invest some money and pay some content writers to do the messy job, you create the hubs, insert some affiliation links among the other money producing tools they offer (Adsense, Amazon, Kontera and Ebay) and wait for your investment to redeem and then there’s your profit.

Is it worth using HubPages over a personal page?

A clear answer on the question is hard to find. You really have to ask around, read some (real) testimonials and try it out on your own in order to make that picture clear.At the end of the day, I do think that it’s worth a try. Or at least you can use HubPages in conjunction with other ways to make money.

Instead of a conclusion or the usual “bottom line’, here is an excerpt written by a guy who hubs regularly:

I didn’t start making any noticeable amount of money from my HubPages until they were about 6 to 8 months old with lots of anchor text backlinks and on the front page of Google for my main keyword!


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