Marketing for Health Websites

New Zealand’s healthcare system is pretty successful in terms of delivering treatments and caring for its citizens. In recent years, New Zealand has been at the top of lowest expenditure per capita – mainly due to an overall increased health of its citizens. It nearly spent half the amount spent per capita in the US for healthcare purposes.

The system is a bit complicated, mainly due to recent changes made to it. The system is divided naturally between public and private sectors, each being responsible for a number of instances and practices. People visiting or living in New Zealand that are part of an accident which leads to injury are covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation.

The District Health Boards control the hospitals which are usually deemed highly efficient, modern and composing an extensive network of healthcare facilities. PHARMAC, New Zealand’s government agency dealing in primary care is responsible for family doctors and other non-specialist doctors. St. John New Zealand offers emergency services for free around the country.

Last recorded, New Zealand spent 8.9% of GDP on healthcare – 77% of which being provided by the government alone.

Per capita general expenditure has been evaluated at about US$2,400. Life expectancy reaches 80 years. Abortions are legal in New Zealand – but two doctors must give their consent before the procedure is to be taken into consideration.


  • Metlifecare
    Every Metlifecare village community is completely unique, so you're more likely to find a home that's the perfect fit. Metlifecare currently operates villages in the Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Lower North regions, and we're keen to help everyone find the right fit.

  • North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons EP
    Surgical care specializing in wisdom teeth surgery, dental implants, surgical treatment related to the replacement of full mouth missing or unfixable teeth and surgical repair of teeth with failed root canal treatment.

  • Accident Compensation Corporation
    Workplace accident insurance company that works closely with the government. Offers information about prevention, cover and claims.

  • Arthritis New Zealand
    National voluntary operated organisation represents the interests of people with arthritis. Provides information on the condition and its treatment.

  • Christian Healthcare Trust
    A trust that offers rest homes, hospital care and home care facilities for elderly people.

  • Community Leisure Management
    Offers swimming pools, wave pools, fitness centers and recreational facilities.

  • Crown Public Health
    Public health care service provider offers support to various population groups in New Zealand.

  • Diagnostic Medlab
    Medical testing-laboratory offers information on a various medical tests and possible causes of abnormal results.

  • Enable New Zealand
    Offers information, research and funding services for people with disabilities.

  • Enigma Health Care Information Publishing
    Offers an online medical bookstore, various review journals and a New Zealand Health Care directory.

  • Health and Disability Commissioner
    Independent agency promotes and protects the rights of consumers of health care services and disability support services.