5 Simple Ways To Market Your Business Online

Marketing a business can be difficult. We’ve heard it time and time again. A new upstart business has fallen short trying to market. It’s a tough and competitive world for the entrepreneur. You’re constantly fighting to prove yourself and your business to the world. This makes marketing an extremely challenging endeavor. However, there are a few different things you can do to push your business out there and generate some attention. We’re going to be taking a look at the top five simplest ways you can market your business.

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A Writer’s Idea Well

Build your well. Start with a couple of notebooks – a standard sized one and a small one that you can carry with you. I have a third on my nightstand for the ideas that strike at 2 a.m. Ideas spring forth at all times of the day (and night) and from multiple sources. Be prepared to pull them in.

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Why You Should be Blogging for your Business

If you have a business, you are likely to have an online presence. Having regular visitors to your website is essential for growing your brand and maintaining loyal customers.

Adding a blog to your website can help increase your search engine optimisation ranking. But what is most important, blogging can dramatically increase your visitors, and potentially lead to more sales. If you are not currently blogging for your business, you should be. Read on to find out why.

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5 Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Business Blog

It is a familiar story: you’ve invested money and time creating what you thought would be a popular and profitable business blog, only to see virtual tumbleweeds roll by, and hear virtual crickets chirp in the distance. What’s the deal?

Well for starters, you aren’t alone. Many business blogs aren’t firing on all cylinders, and a few are in desperate need of a re-build (or maybe one of those charity programs that will tow it away in return for a tax credit). That’s the bad news.

The good news is that dialing up the activity on your stale blog — or bringing it back to life and out of the ICU if things are bit worse than that — isn’t prohibitively costly or excessively time consuming.

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Five Novice Errors That Can Cause Your Blog To Fail

Blogging can be a great way to showcase your expertise, gain valuable exposure, and even generate some income for yourself. While many people start blogs, only few succeed to keep them alive and thriving. Too many bloggers make the same rookie mistakes that cause their blogs to fail miserably. If you want your blog to succeed, make sure that you avoid the following five novice errors.

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Explore The Truth Behind “Wordiness” And How It Kills Academic Writing Form

The first time I wrote a coursework for my English Literature course, it came back with the following comments. “Good arguments however hard to figure out in the rambling forest of words’. One of my MBA professors at Cardiff always insisted, I read your answers to the questions not without a dictionary. That’s right the aim of good academic writing is to use the most effective words to portray your view point. Very often while writing we end up using words which are unnecessary and hence better to be deleted.

So here are some ways in which you can improve your academic writing and make it more concise.

Use specific and strong words instead of numerous vague ones

Many a times while writing we end up using numerous words which are small and at best vague to convey our thoughts. This can end up making your writing ineffective as the reader will lose interest or your message will get lost in the “milieu of words’. Hence the more precise words you use the more effective your writing will be. You have to remember that due to the range of adjectives, nouns etc. Available, most items will have synonym that can relate your views clearly. Hence make use of a thesaurus as it can help you to find the precise word to convey the message. You can see some examples:

Veronica had this thought in her mind but was not very sure that Richard liked her. (16 words)

Veronica assumed Richard liked her (5 words)

Our brochure will provide you a number of things that will enable you to make a decision as to which product is best suited for your requirements (27 words)

Our brochure gives you information to choose a product as per your requirement. (13 words)

Cross examine each word in your document

Always read your document once as it’s complete and necessary to ensure that there are no dead weight words floating around. One of the common methods I employ is to leave my document for a couple of hours and then read it. This allows you to refresh your mind and makes your editing more clear and concise. Look for sentences that go on forever as those are the biggest culprits and need to be trimmed immediately. Each word in a sentence has to deliver something important and unique, if it does not, delete it.

Short is not always sweet!

Many a times we end up writing several short sentences which employ a lot of words which are unnecessary. So look for information that does not need a full sentence construct, and insert it into another sentence. This allows you to reduce the wordiness and keeps the value of your information intact. Some examples are as below:

Shakespeare’s plays are an amazing marriage of love and great writing. When he died, he had written over 34 plays. (20 words)

Shakespeare’s 37 plays are an amazing marriage of love and great writing. (12 words)

Always remember, if you can streamline your verbiage your end message can become stronger and more efficient. Hence if you eliminate some of the surplus expressions from your writing it can deliver a message to your reader which is worth reading. Read more

The Copywriter’s Sales Pitch

Sometimes the hardest part about being copywriter has nothing to do with writing in the first place. Sure, it can be hard remembering the correct usage of the semicolon, but the job gets even trickier when it’s time to close a sale.

Copywriters are trained at communicating with people through beautiful words, graceful sentences, and effective punctuation. But when it comes to phone calls, in-person meetings, or even emails, we can be at a loss. I mean, we were English majors for crying out loud – not business majors!

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Ways of Making Money Advertising Businesses

It is a well known fact that even the grandest of money making ventures can fall flat if people do not know the product or service that is being pushed. Therefore, it is prudent to device ways in which you can reach your target audience so as to maximize profits and make the venture a worthwhile effort. Making money advertising businesses is one way in which one can make a little extra income whilst advertising other people’s businesses and whatever products or services that they offer. Read more

Turning hobbies to earnings: Making money online

Our economy is a sinking ship. Until a crane pulls it off the pit of the sea, we need to find more means to earn. But fret not, we have more options now – and it doesn’t take much to get set.We might as well be in the golden age of the internet. With the amount of information floating around, and the plethora of entertaining things to do, it’s continuously evolving and changing the way we live our lives. It allows us to do errands without exerting too much effort. We can now pay our bills, shop online, order pizza, and earn money without having to leave the comfort of your home.

So how do you use the internet to earn money?

In all things, the first step is to start with yourself. You are your most powerful weapon, after all. Utilize your talent to earn cash by taking up jobs online. The internet is no longer just a repository of information; it now provides an opportunity for those who do not have a full time desk job to work from home. There are many freelancing sites where you can write articles, design websites, and be a virtual assistant to an employer living on the other side of the world.If you love to write, you can set up a blog and put up pay-per-click ads to earn money.

Make the topics interesting, humorous and light to attract more readers and get more clicks.The next best thing is to set up an online business. All you need is your computer, a creative mind, and a good look around your house. Look for valuable items that you do not really use and put them up in eBay. That expensive 4-piece champagne flute set that never saw the light of day (in fear of being broken) may be better put to use by auctioning it up. Sell the clothes you don’t wear a lot or the gifts you never used.

This is the time to be practical, not sentimental. Mystery shopping is also one way to earn online, and fun too! There’s no other job that asks you to walk into a store, ask a few questions and shop around. Awesome, huh? You’ll then need to accomplish a report to evaluate the store’s customer service. Most companies that have this are in retail, restaurants and banks. But you haven’t heard the best part yet – the companies reimburse your expenses, and pay you a little extra!As you can see, the opportunities are endless. All it takes is a good head start. Look around you and be observant. Make a list of the things you enjoy doing and see how you can earn from them. Check your planner.

Analyze your strengths. Think of your hobbies. The things you once did for leisure may be your means to succeed.The key is to find something that you already have – and invest on it. Improve on it. With your skills and perseverance, making money online will be your lifeboat to our sinking ship. Read more

Why IZEA sucks both for bloggers and advertisers?

In the last couple of weeks one of my clients asked for some sponsored reviews and the first company I could think of was IZEA with its well knows payperpost.com.Back in 2009 (or 2008?, I really forgot) the system was very easy: you, as an advertiser posted an opportunity with some requirements and only the bloggers that met those specific criteria could take that opportunity. That was the way bloggers were making money online. Well, at least one of the ways.Nowadays you create an opportunity but IZEA’s blog network is shitty. I am absolutely positive that 99% of its bloggers are not proper bloggers but that king of bloggers that have like 10-20 blogs, all on different domain names, all on the same shared IP, with content from various content generators like uniquearticlewizard.com (unique my ass) or articleranks.com (non-sense spunned articles). They interlink these blogs and they obtain in a few months PR 2-3-4 on all blogs. Now, they submit those blogs to PayPerPost, NO ONE verify them so all the blogs are instantly approved. Read more