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One important facet of a well connected technology environment is that of staying connected, whether it's to the outside world via the Internet or between several departments within a company via intranet or another internal network. Networks allow businesses to exchange important data between offices with relative ease and without any hassle.

Communication between workers is also greatly improved, further improving the work environment while also reducing lag time that occurs when transferring information from one area to another. Networks also allow businesses to keep in touch with their clients. E-mails, teleconferencing and instant messaging are just some of the ways that a business can stay in contact with clients and employees who are out in the field. A properly networked office can easily enjoy a streamlined work flow and effortless communication among fellow workers.

Networking involves a mix of both hardware and software solutions, ranging in scale depending on the needed application. Hardware companies such as Cisco specialize in providing solutions for networking on a large scale, offering a variety of products designed for building corporate LAN networks, as well as solutions for wireless networks. Other companies such as Linksys and Netgear focus on consumer grade products for both LAN and wireless networks. Most software applications help monitor and control several aspects of a network, including how much bandwidth is used on the network and what content can be accessed on the network.

Firewalls help prevent unauthorized and unwanted content such as viruses and malware from gaining access to the network, while encryption controls how users are able to access the network.

Social networking for instance consists in one or more groups of individuals that gather into certain categories, according to their purposes, hobbies or tastes. There are social networking sites such as Twitter, Myspace or Facebook where people can sign up and socialize with other people, creating friendships or why not even more if we are talking about social networking sites that deal with datings. This sort of socialization, social networking, is beginning to be more and more popular especially among teenagers because they find it easier to communicate in the virtual world rather than doing it in the real world. Besides social networking sites, networking can also reffer to business networking which is dedicated to businessmen or computer networking which means a group of computers that are linked together and so users are able to communicate one with another.

When we talk about computer networking, there are two types of connections between computers, the wired networking and the wireless one that allows the exchange of information without using any wires.

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