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Make Money Taking Surveys

Product manufacturers frequently seek out the opinions of everyday consumers. Companies sometimes need opinions about their products currently on the market as well as potential products.

These opinions are often gathered through online surveys. When taking online surveys you not only have the ability to provide feedback about a product, you can make some money too.

Online surveys are offered through survey sites like surveyscout.com devoted to offering panelists surveys in order to cultivate and gather opinions.

Your insights and opinions are valuable. Many, (but not all), online survey sites will compensate you for your time. By taking online surveys, you have the chance to be rewarded with cash or gift cards.

According to another review by 101waystomakemoney.com, some sites offer points that can be converted to cash, gift cards or merchandise. Some sites will only offers sweepstakes entries.

To get started making money taking surveys, the first thing to do is to sign up as a panelist with survey websites. A good place to begin would be to visit SurveyPolice.com. This website will list the most reputable survey websites as well as websites that are considered to be scams and should be avoided.

Pick out a few of the popular, reputable sites and begin to register at the survey sites. Signing up for a survey site is always free. Never pay for a survey list or pay to sign up with a survey site.

These are scams and you will only end up loosing your money. Signing up with an online survey site is quite simple. Read over their FAQ’s to get a better understanding of their reward system. A site will typically require your name and e-mail address.

You will often be asked for an address. It is important to provide an accurate address, because once you begin to make money taking surveys, the survey company will need an address in order to send checks.

Surveys must utilize demographics in order to obtain the most accurate information and feedback. If you are, for example, a male without children, then you would not qualify to take a survey designed to get the opinions of mothers of children in diapers.

Based on this fact, survey sites will ask you for demographic information in order to tailor the surveys that you receive.

You may be asked to provide your age, occupation, your interests and basic information about your family. Rest assured that the only way this information will be used is to make sure you receive online surveys that are most appropriate for you.

You may encounter some survey sites that have “profile surveys’. These are short surveys that should only take a few minutes of time. Profile surveys help get more in depth information about you.

Once you have registered with the sites you will start receiving e-mail invitations to take surveys. There are no definitive time frames as to when these invitations will arrive.

Some sites send several per day. Others may only have invitations for you every few weeks or longer. Your survey invitations are largely based on demographics.

If you qualify for a survey and you successfully complete that survey, you will then be awarded the designated survey compensation.While you can make money taking surveys, survey award compensation will vary from one survey site to another.

When you begin signing up with survey websites, you will become familiar with each sites’ award system. Some sites will mail a check, while others apply your earnings to a PayPal account.

You may find that some sites will award you in the form of points which can be converted into a check, PayPal award, or merchandise.

Even others may reward you with Amazon.com gift certificates. Some survey taking websites will require a minimum amount in your account before being able to cash in your rewards. Some have a minimum as low as $5, and others have a minimum as high as $20.

It is easy to get started making money taking surveys…

The money you can earn will not replace a monthly income, but may help pay a bill each month. Another option is to let it build and save it up for a rainy day, a vacation, or even a special gift for yourself. Along with the benefit of making money, you will have the satisfaction that you have expressed your opinions to major companies across the country.


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