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Online forums can be message boards, but they can also be anything you find on a web directory that allows you to express your opinion or get the answer to a question.

In most cases an Internet forum is interactive, and it is used by a company to allow their current and prospective customers to ask questions about products or company procedures. Forums are the way that a company can stay in touch with their client base, and make sure that there are as few unsatisfied customers as possible. A forum is also a place where people can leave their opinions on a subject, and even get a reply back from the company on their opinions.

Interactive corporate forums are where many companies get the inspiration to make updates and changes to new product releases. It is also where companies can find out what kind of difficulties people are having in using their products and make the appropriate changes to future models.

A company is only as strong as its sales and keeping the customers happy by taking their opinions and then using those opinions to make future upgrades is an excellent way to keep the customers coming back for more products and recommending the company to others.

What makes people go for online forums and express their opinions is that they see everybody is honest and willing to help and this is what makes them create an account to a particular forum. According to the topics these forums are related to, they are categorized into business, entertainment, health, family, teens, music, games, movie forums and so on and so forth. More than that, forums are also classified by their size and number of members.

All of the forums have rules and conditions settled by moderators and administrators that every member should respect in order to prevent being banned or having their account deleted. For instance, some forums do not allow dirty talk or opening off-topic subjects in certain areas, while other forums do not allow members to advertise their sites or blogs in there. Being part of a forum means that you help others who need advice just as others have helped you when you first arrived on that discussion board. Forums offer certain features like emoticons, the ability of sending private messages within the forum or attach files, as well as providing ignore lists for those annoying members that bother you. is where you can find forums and also post yours if you have any.

Forums are also a way to keep investors and shareholders informed of news about the company in real time, and then address concerns about those changes quickly. The worst thing that a company can do is allow rumors to linger that could affect stock prices or shareholder's confidence.

An interactive forum allows the company to address rumors quickly, and then allow the investors to express their concerns as well. In this day and age of instant information, having an interactive forum for your company is an effective tool at keeping correct information circulating as opposed to damaging rumors.


  • Bike Forums
    All purpose discussion forums for bikers and their bikes. You can get information on different models, what to buy as a beginner or an advanced biker, cycling events and other useful information.

  • Cycling Fusion
    Aimed at indoor and outdoor cycling, this forum focuses on bringing together the worldwide cycling community. News, updates and general discussions which focus on biking in all its forms.

  • Digitalpoint Forums
    Internet oriented forum, very popular among webmasters. Topics include search engine optimization, Internet marketing and advertising.

  • Ebike Forum
    Forum focused on electric bikes and scooters. Contains general discussion, product discussion and event planning and organization.

  • Maxxed Football Forums
    Football forum dedicated to world and international championships. Allows for off-topic discussions and a prediction league and a games arcade.

  • Scottish Football Forums
    SPL and SFL forums, dedicated to the Scottish football community. Lower leagues also constitute discussion topics, along with lots of threads on the national team.

  • SitePoint Forums
    One of the oldest forums available, marketing, design and various programming language oriented. They have their own internal marketplace, so any registered used can pay a small fee to list digital goods for sale.

  • SlickBikes
    Community organized around the talk and reviewing of all kinds of bike accessories. Everything from cycling shoes, helmets and outfits are discussed inside the forum.

  • Warrior Forum
    Webmaster crowded forum, features multiple topics related to marketing, ads, web design and more; very restrictive (can't PM before you have 50 posts, etc).

  • World Affairs Board
    General discussion on world affairs for people from around the globe. Also includes topics like the military, social commentary and issues, as well as political issues.