Marketing for Shopping Websites

Like most developed countries, Australia boasts a varied and diverse shopping scene. From markets which sell produce, to those who promote their ancestral lineage and huge malls and retail sellers, the country has imposed itself on the global market, mainly due to a relatively high median income per capita.

Among the most popular items in Australia are those which explore the Aboriginal culture and heritage. From jewels to clothing options, artifacts and souvenirs are commonly addressed to both residents who want to beautify their homes to tourists who come and visit and want to leave with something to remind them of their time spent there. Opal is widely used, given the fact that it is considered the national gemstone, while pink diamonds and Australian pearls are also widely sought after.

Huge cities boast the usual malls, strip malls and countless stores which deal in everything from produce, clothes and household and construction items to literally everything you’d find in a developed city. Among popular destinations for shoppers are the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane and the Rundle Mall in Adelaide. Surry Hills in Sydney is well-known for its shops that sell all sorts of clothing, being considered the city’s fashion wholesale activity center.

When it comes to regular markets, the country boasts two general kinds: produce and souvenir or artifact markets. Farmer markets are widely popular, selling organic produce to interested customers who want to avoid large commercial entities and support the local farming scene. Aside from that, there are numerous locations in every Australian city which sell hand-made objects, artifacts and souvenirs for people looking for that delightful Australian touch. The recent boom in online marketing has pushed most of the sellers to migrate at least some of their businesses to the online platforms, allowing you, the potential customer to order up your goods from home or even from other countries.


  • ALDI Australia
    Discount retailer lists current special offers, mentions store locations and career opportunities.

  • Australian Lighting
    Offers a varied range of lighting for interior and exterior spaces. Includes a product catalogue and shopping cart.

  • Be Puzzled
    Specializes in puzzle games and offers personalized jigsaw puzzles; puzzle ideas, fundraising, FAQs, contact information and shopping cart.

  • Boat Accessories Online Australia
    Online boating accessories store specialising in a wide range of boat parts and marine supplies and fittings; express delivery Australia-wide.

  • Burch Family Wines
    Australian family owned winery, internationally renound for house brands Howard Park, Madfish and Marchand & Burch.

  • Charlottes Web
    Offers products designed for children, students and young adults. Provides a product catalogue and shopping cart.

  • Glue Store
    Offers street style clothing and accessories online and in-store, available Australia wide.

  • Michael Hill: Australia
    Offers a wide range of gifts for different sorts of occasions in Australia.

  • MiningTelecoms: Two Way Radio Communications
    Specialising in two way radio communications and radio network design. All two way radios are backed by a 3 year warranty.

  • OZrobots
    Online seller of Robot Vacuums. They offer 1 year warranty to all robot vacuums they sell.

  • The Chart & Map Shop
    Offering maps & charts an well as travel and navigation accessories. Products range from Hema & Topo maps to world globes, marine charts and more.