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How to make money online as a virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is becoming popular as a work from home job. This job takes over the title of an office assistant by allowing employees to perform their duties online from home. As a virtual assistant, your duties are too set appointments, send emails, electronic filing, word processing and transcription services. Becoming a virtual assistant provides an opportunity to perform duties from home and earn a decent income. There are vacancies for virtual assistant with no experience, as well. Below are tips on how to become a successful virtual administrative assistant:

Have academic qualifications. Educational requirements varies depending on employees but generally it is vital to at least have some qualifications for your own nourishing. Some will need a diploma, others a degree while some a graduate degree. All the same, it is advisable to have the necessary academic qualifications.

Must be trained. There is this website that offer virtual assistant training at a certain fee. Beware of some of these sites as the certification may not be genuine. Many employers will look at your experience and what you have to offer for the benefit of their company. Make sure to have a well written resume, testimonials and excellent referrals to help in validating your work.

Equipment and resources. In any career, proper tools and resources are needed in performing any task. As a virtual assistant, it is required to have a well internet connected computer, scanner/printer, fax machine, at least two land lines and a home office that provides a comfortable working environment.

Polish your skills. It is particularly vital to hone your skills so as to boost your attraction to potential and trusted employees. One should be able to polish their skills in typing at least 75 words per minute, have excellent communication skills, able to multitask, proficient in grammar and writing, and cogent computer knowledge.

Online networking with professionals. Making professional connections will help in learning and expanding your online business. There are many social sites on the internet that provides a platform for professional to share ideas and opinions. Sites like LinkedIn and International Virtual Assistant Association are among the many sites that can be of immense help in boosting your online reputation. This enables to find conducts of potential employers and share ideas with many other virtual assistants.

Benefits of working as a virtual assistant.

As any online job, a virtual assistant makes a substantial income online easily by online working for certain hours. You comfortably perform your duties online from home thus no direct supervision as working in an office. One is only required to work for certain works in a week thus much time you are free.


A virtual assistant job provides an opportunity to those willing to work online to make money online. As in any other career, it needs commitment and hard work for one to be successful.

Make sure to complete all your duties in time despite all the challenges that you may face while working at home. Virtual assistant job can be full time or part time, but the pay is always good.


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