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  • Adventure Elopement Photographer
    Crafts unique, authentic, and extraordinary elopement experiences for adventurous and passionately in love couples.

  • Escape Live
    Working in a team of between two and six people, its users will have just 60 minutes to escape from a themed room before it is too late.

  • Liam Smith Photography
    Wedding photographer based in the UK. Offering a candid, photojournalistic style, Liam's pictures are timeless, creative and capture genuine emotion. Covering London and the whole of the UK and destination weddings, book Liam for his award winning documentary pictures.

  • Prestige Sound & Light Ltd
    Sound and light hire company in the events industry. Supplying AV hire equipment for weddings, parties, celebrations, conferences and much more.

  • American Craft Week EP
    Rejoices and brings together characters, small companies and establishments that produce or endorse handmade merchandises in the USA. Happens throughout October. Lists members and events in each state and propose means to get involved.

  • Art Basel
    The website of the annual international art show. Users can take a sneak peek at past art exhibitions and be alerted about future projects and shows.

  • Art Basel EP
    Yearly international art show, highlighting works from the 20th and 21st centuries.

  • Art Futura EP
    Showcase for digital art and new technologies.

  • Art-Action EP
    Official website of the trans-disciplinary art festival featuring cinema, video, visual arts, and multimedia. Showcasing an annual international Paris to Berlin meeting of artists.

  • Artfutura
    Bilingual (Spanish/English) website focusing on showcasing digital and modern art. Content-rich resource with videos, past exhibitions and updates about future projects.

  • ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival
    The ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival website offers users the option to check out their past endeavors and get acquainted with the general idea of the event. Future projects and schedules are provided, alongside contact information and registration process details.

  • Artscape EP
    Event that is held every year to celebrate literary visual, and performing arts in the heart of Baltimore.

  • Artscape Baltimore
    A Baltimore, USA based free art show and exhibition for everybody. Independent artists ranging from musicians, actors, painters and designers gather up for 3 days and perform for people of all ages.

  • Asian Art in London EP
    Incorporates major London Asian antique dealers and auction houses for a series of exhibitions, auctions, sales, and lectures.

  • Bob's Special Lists EP
    Compiling of particulars on boulevard fairs, art and crafts displays, mobile food vending, art festivals, car shows and events demographics. Also offers free samples of top 10 hot list.

  • Celebrity Speakers
    A world-leading speaker bureau, providing influential keynote speakers for corporate or after dinner events, to inspire, motivate or entertain.

  • European Media Art Festival
    An European modern art festival, focusing on art in the media. Everything from digital film, to CD and DVD projects are portrayed in annual exhibitions.

  • European Media Art Festival EP
    Yearly event that intends to offer insights into current international media art, from experimental film and video works, Internet, DVD and CD-ROM projects to multimedia installations.

    They want "help get people off the couch and out having fun" through a portal providing events destination, aggregating over 8 million events worldwide and making them available for discovery.

  • Festival D'Automne a Paris EP
    Official website of the cultural event that celebrates theater, dance, music, cinema, and visual arts in France.

  • Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters EP
    Cultural event taking place once a year in Laguna Beach featuring a juried art show and tableaux vivants of famous paintings.

  • Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach
    A juried art show event featuring exhibitions and tableaux vivants of world-renowned paintings. The festival takes place annually in Laguna Beach.

  • Galway International Arts Festival EP
    Annual art event that gathers international artists from various fields and specializations.

  • Harmony Festival
    Based in North Carolina, US, the Harmony Festival garners a wide array of artists and specialists from different fields like: health, music, arts, ecology, and spirituality. The website offers information for lodging options and a complete schedule

  • Liste 18
    Youth-driven modern art show with 17 years of activity. The Switzerland-based art show brings over 65 exhibitions from 25 different countries around the world together on an annual basis.

  • Manifesta Biennial EP
    Official web portal of the pan-European biennial event for contemporary visual arts.

  • Montreal International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) EP
    Yearly festival of films that involve topics, such as art, encompassing all mediums, periods, and styles.

  • Perth International Arts Festival EP
    Yearly event that presents leading international and local artists during February and March.

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show EP
    Yearly national exhibition of contemporary crafts takes place every November. A juried exhibition and sale of contemporary crafts by 185 of the most talented craft artists in the country.

  • Pirates in Paradise Festival EP
    A festivity of piracy in the Golden Age of Sail. Grants a listing of events for all points of interests, as well as nautical expeditions, oceanic arts and literature, chronological enactments and much more.

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Art events happen all the time. From local community art fairs, to a surprise visit by your favorite band, you need to know when and where they happen.

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Whether you want to attend, perform or are just curious to know, this web directory can link you to all the information you will need. If you need a gig for your band but don't know where to go, you can find it using this web directory. If you just want to visit the new exhibit at your museum but don't know when they open, you can find it here. From local gallery exhibitions to music performance, this web directory has the links and resources to connect you to the places and events you want to see.

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Going to an event that you have been expecting for a long time can be a very exciting experience, but what happens if you miss it because of the lack of precise information you were given? That would be a shame and this is why it is highly recommended that you submit your site to a reliable web directory that provides you the right information. Do not miss your favourite events because of others, use the services of those web directories that are worth it!

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