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  • Video Mark
    News and tutorials about creating live action and motion graphics content. Templates and presets for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D and more.

  • Art Glossary
    A quarterly design magazine which expects artists define their work and give it a specific label. Previews of past issues available on the website.

  • Blanket Magazine
    Magazine dedicated to newly-found artists, designers and photographers. Its first number launched in 2006 and prospective buyers can browse galleries and images of the printed version.

  • Bluespace Ltd: Creative Office Design
    Norfolk designers creating bespoke and creative interior design for offices and commercial buildings.

  • Colors Magazine
    Design and art magazine focusing on a different general topic with each number. Issues can be downloaded and read on iPad through a dedicated app.

  • Communication Arts EP
    Creative online resource for graphic design, advertising, photography, multimedia development, illustration, and art direction.

  • Creative Bloq EP
    Offers features that includes downloads, reviews, tutorials, competitions, and more for the graphic design enthusiast and web site builder.

  • Cristaux International
    Promises complete service in making of your custom awards as well as other forms of acknowledgements, from the initial model to the actual creation. Their organization is recognized by its sophisticated solutions in designing awards and its continuous work to enhance its product range by implementing original solutions.

  • Design Boom
    An European ezine dedicated to art, architecture, design and technology. Interactive website with latest news in the respective fields of interest.

  • Design Charts EP
    Charts that are created weekly by scanning the traffic generated from design networks of web sites that award website designers and their work.

  • Design Observer EP
    Offers writings and news about design and culture by contributors from the fields of graphic design, art, and publishing.

  • Design Times EP
    Publication that appears very two months. Celebrates beautiful interiors and exceptional exteriors.

  • Design You Trust
    Design-oriented community of bloggers who update the site on an hourly bases with trends, ideas, events and portfolios of designers. Subscribing through a RSS feed is possible, along with links to social platform pages.

  • Dexigner
    Growing community website for designers. News, events of interest and information about upcoming competitions are included.

  • Digital Web Magazine EP
    Industry specialized online magazine intended for professional web designers, web developers, and information architects.

  • Electronic Design EP
    Online exhibition that centers on the the power design element of the electrical engineering market place featuring news, articles, data sheets, webcasts, and vendors.

  • EP
    A website where you can quickly copy and paste every emoji in just one second!

  • Exotic India
    Provides an extensive collection of Thangka, Tajore and Buddha paintings.

  • Fine Composition EP
    The blog focuses mainly on interior design, furniture items, as well as product design.

  • GizMag
    Weekly magazine dedicated to designers and artists. Its numbers feature works and interviews with the artists and the website lets users scroll through design ideas.

  • Greener by Design EP
    Offers resources and ideas for the design of sustainable products from chairs to bicycles. Includes an opinionated list of the world's top 40 greenest products.

  • How EP
    Specialized business center for graphic designers seeking business, technological or creative advice. Brought to you by the editors and staff of HOW Magazine and the HOW Design Conference.

  • Layers EP
    Known before as Mac Design Magazine, now bimonthly magazine providing tutorials, tips, and news for Adobe products.

  • Limited Language EP
    Offers access to a generative platform for graphic-design discourse. Welcomes new designers who want to showcase their work.

  • MA Web Design & Content Planning
    Providing web design and content planning programs. These programs teach graduates the necessary skills of planning, designing, and building effective websites.

  • Metropolis Magazine
    A design publication that explores the subject in-depth. Issues tackle subjects like architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts and planning.

  • Pictoplasma EP
    Online encyclopedia that is centered on contemporary character designs and arts.

  • Print Magazine EP
    Graphic design magazine addressing both emerging and professional designers looking for new ideas, tips and industry news.

  • Push Click Touch EP
    Traces the history of interaction design through the history of the button, from flashlights to web sites and beyond.

  • Sessions College
    Since 1997, online degree and certificate programs have been offered by Sessions College. We provide professional training to those individuals interested in courses such as web design, multimedia, marketing, game arts, and fine arts.

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Design Web Directory

Art and design are two very different fields. Though related, there is a major difference which separates art from design. Both create, both understand the aspects of shape, form and color but the focus of art is simply to create. One can paint or draw or sculpt because they feel, because they want to create something beautiful or ugly and are justified in doing so.

Designing art

They can make art for art's sake and no other. Design on the other hand serves a purpose. Designers create to satisfy a need or to produce a product that has use and function. Design requires research and planning, specifically to fulfill the requirements of whatever item is being produced. Design requires a process to be done in order to create functional useful "products".

Whether it is graphic design, which requires a specific image or idea to be communicated for its purpose, or fashion design creating wearable usable clothing, design is about form and function. There are many fields of design, from web development to engineering; design requires highly specialized skills and knowledge to create useable and beautiful products. Design can encompass everything from invention to the re-design of an objects form. This web directory can assist artists and designers with all manner of design needs.

Being a designer is not something you necessarily choose to be, because you must have certain skills in order to satisfy your client or meet the needs of your company. For instance, you should not lack neither in imagination nor in aesthetic sense when you are asked to decorate a room or to arrange a restaurant for a special event.

You have to be design-oriented, and if you are one of those talented designers that want to make their work more popular, this web directory is the right place to do it. Designers should be aware of the fact that we live in a world of shapes where everybody is different, and so are out tastes. If you are a designer, during your career you will receive both compliments and also critics which will teach you how to be a perfectionist. Designers work with their soul and they give away a part of them every time they create a blouse or bring something new to the market. When somebody comes at your place and appreciates your furniture, that is all designer`s creation.

All the designers are reffined people and although there is serious competition, every designer creates something unique in its own way. Designers have different styles, different ways or "giving birth" to something because two people can look at the same picture and see two totally different things. This is how it works with the designers and this is why talented designers will always be wanted.

From historical research to modern manufactures and materials, designers can find everything they need to create here. The industrial revolution was truly the beginning of modern design, when mass production changed to role of the artist and craftsmen into designer. Designers are responsible for virtually everything the modern world has, from the color of your coffee mug, to the number of trees on your street.

Design encompasses careful planning and research to create products and ideas. On a broader scale "design" can simple describe the process of creation, of defining a goal, researching its needs, brainstorming, prototyping and finally production. Design is one of the most important of all the art reaching into every aspect of our lives.