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  • AIDY Poetry Blog
    Poetry, and creative stream of conscious writing. Featuring indie and foreign film, music, book reviews, and artist interviews.

  • Arts & Scraps
    Detroit non-profit organization that uses recycled industrial materials to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn.

  • Battersea Spanish
    A small business offering classes for Spanish, Flamenco, Tango, Salsa, Kids, and a wealth of immersive events in London.

  • Christmas Songs
    Information on Christmas songs and Christmas carols with news, artists, album reviews, mp3s and lyrics.

  • Easy Scholarships Now
    Helps their users to keep college affordable by applying to the easy scholarships listed on their website. They provide a list of awards based on various categories as well.

  • Education Directory
    Online directory of education where users can list or search education related websites.

  • Essay Forum
    A free essay editing and tutoring service for undergraduate and graduate students who need help with their academic writing assignments.

  • Guitar Lessons London
    Provides professional guitar tuition for students of all ages and abilities across London.

  • Laboratory Consultation Services EP
    An online course provider for State mandated courses.

  • London Guitar Academy
    Guitar lessons for all guitarists in London UK, students of all ages can learn with local London music instructors.

  • Montessori Academy Tuition
    Scientifically proven to make children more successful in life.

  • Music Teacher EP
    A database of active music teachers located across the UK and Ireland. They have generated over 24,500 inquiries for music teachers since 2011 and would be delighted to help you gain more music students to teach.

  • Piano Lessons London
    Piano Lessons London have designed a well rounded & customised piano lessons that focuses on what's fun and motivating for the student.

  • School Britain
    Interactive map of UK Boarding Schools and admission office assistance. The content is also available in Russian.

    A platform that features videos, articles, incentives and promotes culturally-driven communities.

  • The Genesis Academy
    A preschool and daycare located in the Cypress area of Houston, Texas.

  • The London Piano Institute
    London based piano center for adult education. Open to all levels from absolute beginners to advanced. No prior experience required. Learn piano in a prestigious setting in the City or Mayfair area. Learn to play classical, jazz, blues, rock or pop piano styles with an excellent piano instructor. Registration for new courses take place throughout the calendar year.

  • The Sculpture School
    Learn portrait sculpture, animal sculpture, armature sculpture and specialist techniques from an award-winning sculptor at The Sculpture School in Devon, England. With over 25 years expertise Andrew Sinclair offers inspiring sculpture workshops.

  • The Sokol Piano Academy
    A piano school for children and adults, offering private piano lessons of all levels from its studios all over London, UK.

  • Academy of Art University EP
    Provides undergraduate, graduate and masters programs in art and design subjects that include advertising, animation, interior architecture and design, motion pictures and TV, as well as photography. Offers admission information, program details, online classes, scholarships available and industry trends for prospective students.

  • AccessArt EP
    Offers online workshops and arts educational activities aimed at enthusiasts and professionals of all ages.

  • Adelaide Central School of Art EP
    Specializes in the training and education of practicing visual artists. Focus reflected in the three-part structure of School, Gallery and Studios.

  • Amped Up Music Academy
    Provides music lessons on instruments such as drums, guitar, piano and more in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK.

  • Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts EP
    The school offers art and craft classes for everyone from the novice to the professional, as well as for undergraduate and graduate credits. Affiliated with the University of Tennessee.

  • Art Schools
    A directory featuring searchable art schools by disciplines, locations and types. Among the programs offered, there are: graphic design, fashion design, interior design, game design, web design, photography and film.

  • ArtisanCam EP
    Users cac see artists at work, learn how they do it and have a go for themselves. Interactive website that gives insight into the lives of contemporary visual artists.

    Free lessons on everything art related. From art appreciation and history to learning to paint with all mediums. You can even learn to paint like the ancient Egyptians and, of course, the more traditional forms of watercolors and oils. Also covers color theory, graphic design and even a lesson on designing a logo.

  • Atelier Sonorense
    Fine arts studio in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. Basic art courses are offered to people of all ages. Bilingual website which offers information concerning the teachers and registration process.

  • Beauty School Programs
    Research, compare, and apply to beauty schools like cosmetology, barber, nail, esthetics and makeup schools of your choice. Every school has its own approach to training.

  • CAT Exam: All you need to know
    AT is conducted for admission to various postgraduate Management courses. Candidate must have 50% aggregate in any Bachelor's degree to be eligible to give the test. Applications for the test can be submitted online on the official website of Indian Institute of Management.

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Among this web directory you will find extensive links and resources to education among the fields of the Arts and Humanities. From colleges, schools and classes, to informational sites dedicated to the history and preservation of the arts, this web directory can guide you to the right place. If you're doing research, museums websites are among the best of educational resources for the arts and humanities.

Education artists

Thousands of museums around the world preserve and maintain historical collections, both written and physical to protect the educational value of the arts. Art and design has spanned for thousands of years, and the wealth of information available is staggering. With so much educational information available, you need a dedicated and organized web directory to understand it all. From historical context to understanding cultural perceptions, the information and educational resources you require can be found within this web directory. Whether you are interested in taking an art class, would like to teach one, or just want to learn more about how a product was created you can find it here.

It is essential for every future artist, whether if we are talking about musicians, architects or painters, to have a certain level of education. Education is needed in order to provide you with a certain ammount of information structured in such a way that you will find it useful across your career. Teachers and professors from the educational system are often good designers and musicians, and this way you will learn from the best, depending on the college you are choosing.

Moreover, besides the fact that education is essential when it comes to your forming as a future artist, a diploma or a certificate that confirms the fact that you have attended a college or a certain course is always needed whenever you need to apply for your job as a music teacher, for instance. You need to be qualified in order to be accepted, and the only thing to do so it to follow an educational institution.

Advertising your college or highschool is always the best way to make it popular among the future students that put an accent on education. You can submit to this web directory and this way your institution will be found more easily and therefore it will be more accessible. Education is vital and we all need it, regardless of the artistic domain that we will be part of someday.

There are many resources available to those interested in learning more about the arts and humanities. From your local college or library website to nonprofit organizations like the National foundation for the arts, you can find there links within this directory. Education is critical to understanding art. Whether you just want to discover new galleries, or broaden your skills and talents as an artist or designer, this web directory can help.

By accessing a comprehensive collection of educational possibilities, you will be able to save time and discover a range of option never before possible.