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Google PageRank and web directories

Many people who are internet savvy and know a lot of different marketing strategies to promote their website and drive more traffic towards their websites. These techniques are used to increase sales and profits, but internet business owners or internet marketers are not the only ones who use these valuable internet searching tools.

Even regular people like you and me use these tools in more ways then one. It is a way for people to not only find products and services they need in a well organized system, but it also helps the business owner increase sales and popularity throughout the internet world.

That is why Google PageRank and web directories make such interesting topics to talk about.

For instance, let’s say that you are trying to search for a bank to find a loan for a car. Often times people turn to the computer and internet for researching specific services that they are either thinking about receiving or buying. This is because it is not only a lot faster then looking locating one in the phone book or by other means.

But you can also find out even more information related to the company you are interested in receiving goods or services from. Usually the best way to find this information is logging onto your computer and searching the internet.

What happens next is depending on what words or phrase you type into the computer the internet pulls up websites with high rankings first. These of course are filtered through Google. The sites have previously been ranked by editor volunteers at Google who then use their Page rank mastery skills among others and give the site a certain ranking according to it’s importance.

Many people have learned way to manipulate this system by incorporating specific keywords that are known to be searched by many people. There are even some people who invest money to pay for Google adwords in order to have their websites linked to articles that have these specified keywords.

Internet marketers who know this trick pay people to compose articles using specific keywords to direct traffic to their websites. This is actually a very cunning plan and many people swear by it.

In the beginning of this technique people who discovered this began using keyword rich articles. Google being one step ahead caught on to this method and counteracted this technique by incorporating a system to place these article at the end of the lists. Therefore, using this technique actually hindered peoples Google PageRank and web directories status.

With enough time people began also catching on and discovering that keywords should only be used a few times within the text of the article in order to be picked up successfully be the search engines. And that is how the process of using keywords as an effective method for directing traffic to your website developed.

Another great example of how Google PageRank and Web directories work is let’s say you are starting your own online business. You know you have a product that will basically sell itself, but you have no idea how to get people to your website. Just like many years ago where you would see ads in newspapers and on television the same philosophy applies to the internet, just in a slightly different way.

Being the business owner my plan would be to devise a way to market my store or the products I am selling. In order to accomplish this I do some research and find out new techniques that people are using that have seen favorable results. This most likely is the incorporation of using keyword articles that affect Google PageRank and Web directories status.

Don’t get me wrong, it does take time. It isn’t like you could open an online business and expect your business to be on the first page of results when someone searches products that you sell. It can sometimes take up to a year or two before Google begins seeing your website or services as being an invaluable investment to others.

So there you have it the basics of keywords and their importance of Google PageRank and Web directories and how they can direct more traffic to your website. By incorporating this technique many people have seen their profits increase as well as their popularity sour. Hopefully you will also have the same desirable results.


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