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Dealing with web directories

After I graduated high-school and before I decided that I should be applying for college, I tried to find something to work because it was about time to wake up and make a living, so I sent my CV at several IT shops, clothes stores and malls, but it seemed that there wasn`t anything left for me. This is why I tried to find another solution to get through life with the help of the Internet, after I heard that a good friend of mine has started his own business this way. I decided to give it a shot too, without thinking that I could come across such thing as web directories.

I was surfing on the Internet one day, searching for “how to get a job” and this is how I found out an article about the web directories. I read some more about what web directories are, how to deal with them and I had the brilliant idea to call some of my friends and propose them to group and try to make a mini-company that works with web directories, especially with people that want to get their sites promoted through web directories and the services they offer.

At first it was hard because we had to invest a large sum of money into buying and maintaining our domain and also ads to promote our business, but after a while clients just started pouring! So, we did our job and we got paid for it, basically all we had to do was to get in touch with some of the managers of the big web directories, offer them clients and give specific details about the sites that have to be known among the public and potential customers. They worked their magic and everybody was happy because they got what they wanted.

When our clients saw that they were among the first results on the list and so they got more and more visitors, some of them even came back to us to help them again with other sites, and so on and so forth. Everybody was happy, they had publicity and therefore, clients, and our business was continuously growing. Although it is hard to keep up with the competition, we are doing our best and so far everything is okay.

Since internet is becoming more and more accessible, the online commerce and web directories won`t be anything out of the ordinary due to the fact that now people are more and more perceptive when it comes to new ideas of promoting and getting promoted all around the globe with just one click.

In the end, my plans for the future are to hire more and more employees at my company because the volume of work is just too much for a few people to handle. I am optimistic and I think that web directories are my chances to a bright future. No boss, no schedule, no stress, it`s just you and your clients!


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