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The Probloggers Guide to Effective Advertisement

The use of blogging has changed over the years. What once was an interesting way to chronicle ones experiences, much like a journal, is in fact now being used to make extra income. In some cases men and women are using their blogs as a sort of full time job.

One thing that people are doing this is through Adsense and the use of great advertisement, however, some people are doing this by providing advertisement to thousands of clients each day. It’s being done so much that now sites have been built in order that this process can be made much easier.

For example, lets say company X wants an informative advertisement about product Y, the company would then do a check to see how popular Z’s blog is and would then ask Z to create that advertisement based on what they need. It’s pretty effective if one has the right blog. But even still, in general cases companies have troubles deciding on where to pay and how much to pay for it. That’s where blog advertisement rates comes in.

A blog advertisement rate is generally defined as, how much money a client will have to pay per word in an advertised blog post. However, it can also be how much the blogger has already defined the price will be before hand based on how long the post is.

Getting into the subject of how much to pay for blog space can get complicated. The truth is that there is no defined price range as far as blogs go on the Internet. But lets consider a few things before hand. If one blogger charges $500 a month for a banner post above the blogs title or description, and another charges $1,000 for the same post, then it would only make sense that the buyer would go to the $500 posting option.

Another piece of information that a company or general buyer will look for is how much traffic a blogger is getting to their blog. Traffic is the amount of visitors to a web address, or hits that a web site receives. After this has been “okay-d” the next step is how much they will pay. A buyer may refuse a bloggers services if the blog doesn’t get enough traffic.

Other things that are considered when dictating price is the space and size of the post. Much like a billboard, an advertisement has to, advertise. It’s what’s most important, right? Right!

The fact is that a company will ask about size and placement. This just means that a company may say, “we need an ad that is 468×60 and it must blend with your content.” Well, you would obviously then be paid more for this because it’s larger then standard size and it seems to be a topic that is being clearly discussed. But sizes can vary, which is good if your the advertiser because it can mean great income possibilities.

The three sizes most commonly used are 468×60 – which is a standard banner (horizontal), 120×600 – which is also a banner (vertical), and 125×125 – which is a standard square advertisement. Even still, while size of an ad can easily dictate price, it wouldn’t be very good for the company to know that their ad is not being effectively placed. If the ad is in a location on the blog that is difficult to view the company won’t be very happy and you will(not could, not can) lose money. The best places for an ad to be place is at the header, it’s higher up, thus more people will be able to view it.

The standard locations for an ad to be place are the header – which I’ve just discussed, the side bar – which is generally where a vertical ad would be place, and the footer – or the bottom of the post. Also note that another good place to place an ad would be in the content. Some call it blending, as it blends with the content.

There are many factors that dictate blog advertising rates. In general they’re not to complicated. It’s really a simple matter of really knowing what your costumer wants and then applying that knowledge as best you can to fit your blog. Remember, while a customer is asking a blogger to perform an action, it’s always the blogger who has the job of being sure that he or she delivers perfect results every time.


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