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Effective Ways of Getting Links From Business Directories

The truth is that getting links from business directories is vital for any website. There are many reasons for this. For starters you are bound to get quality traffic directly from business directories as a result of these links, which are relevant to your type of business.

But above all else leading search engines like Google place a lot of value on links pointing back to your site from business directories. The end result is that your site will get ranked highly enabling you to generate plenty of targeted traffic directly from search engines.

So how do you go about getting links from business directories?

Interestingly many webmasters and site owners overlook the oldest, simplest and most direct way of doing this. And that is you simply submit your website for listing. While it is true some business sites charge for this service, many others do not while others have options for both paid listing and free listing. Start by carrying out an online search for business directories in your industry that accept submissions.

Assuming that you submit your website to many business directories and let’s say that only a small fraction end up listing you, you can still be sure that the few listings and the links pointing back to your site will be valuable and worth your time and effort.

Another very powerful method of generating links from business directories is by submitting articles. Let’s face it most websites have a hard time generating quality content on a regular basis. All you need to do is a little research to establish what sort of content would suit the business directories you have in mind best.

You can even send an email to the site owner and offer to do a guest post in return for some links pointing in your direction. The trick here is to do this consistently and within a very short period of time you will find that you have built up an impressive number of back links pointing at your site from business directories.

An often overlooked way to get links is by writing press releases and distributing them to the media and websites. Now just because you sent out one press release and you didn’t see much response or coverage is not a good reason to give up. Work on this as a long term project and keep on building up on your media list and also never lose a single opportunity to churn out a press release.

Every favorable development or that happens within your business is worth a press release. All you have to do is write it in away that will interest the public and you will find that the media picks it up pretty quickly. Not only do many business directories use press releases but even if they do not a press release campaign will do wonders in enhancing your image which will open many doors for you to be listed in many business directories that may have otherwise ignored you or put you on a long queue.

Using these methods listed in this article, getting links from business directories will always be quite easy for you.


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