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  • Boudreaux Marketing
    Boudreaux Marketing is an SEO agency specializing on ranking small and medium size businesses.

  • Flowdelatino Grupo Cibernetico
    An information site in Latin America. Provides topic-based news.

  • Incometopia
    On this website, you will find resources for cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, IRAs, property, your regular paychecks, Social Security, investing, passive income and business news.

  • Myers & Myers Real Estate
    Helping home buyers and home sellers in the Albuquerque Metro area including Rio Rancho, Corrales, and Los Lunas New Mexico. Their website aims to have every home for sale in the multiple listing service for the Albuquerque Metro.

  • Tampa Realtors Tampa Homes for Sale EP
    A family owned realtors business, serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties in Florida. They offer "top level service and commitment" to their clients.

  • Turnkey sportsbook software
    Sports betting and casino websites are possibly the most profitable businesses on the internet. Learn how you can start a sports betting website using our integrated turnkey sportsbook software solutions.

  • Website Properties
    A full service, professional website brokerage firm. With over 13 years of experience, more than $75 million is website sales to date and a time proven sales process that consistently delivers leads, fast closing times and top market value.

  • 3Di
    Based in Australia and New Zealand, 3Di is a digital advertising network. Email, video, social media, data, research, promotions and display are the services offered.

  • Active Media
    Online advertising agency. The website features testimonials, service descriptions and a media calculator.

  • Aderit
    Provides webmasters with pay per click options. Online marketing and advertising services included, along with marketing guidance.

  • Benson Marketing
    Benson Marketing is an online marketing agency that focuses on the wine industry. Web development services, marketing strategies and brand consulting available.

  • Black Market Media
    Digital market strategies, internet and new media development. The website provides contact information and conclusive service descriptions.

  • BlueGrass
    Marketing consultancy firm and a recruitment center for most European industries. The website provides contact information.

  • Boost Search Marketing
    Personalized search engine marketing for a wide array of online businesses. Among their services: Keyword Research and Analysis, Search Engine Marketing Strategy, Search Engine and Directory Listings and Search Engine Paid Inclusion Listings.

  • Carlson Business Media
    Email marketing services and campaign tracking. An extensive portfolio is available on the website. Also offering customer relationship management services.

  • Clue Design
    A multifaceted Australian web design and development company which integrates leading digital services with Mintox cloud-based software to form consultative solutions. The digital environment requires a flexible and adaptive solutions which Clue Design can deliver to keep growing and expanding your business.

  • E-Storm International
    Online marketing agency featuring services like: strategy and planning, multichannel marketing and analytics, mobile display advertising, SEO services, social commerce and marketing, paid search advertising and creative services.

  • Emporio Asia
    Established marketing agency that helps businesses get more visibility through the World Wide Web. Web development services, email campaigns and marketing strategies are provided.

  • Firstco
    Search engine optimization services. Content and marketing strategies are part of their portfolio. Content marketing is also part of their offers.

  • Future Now Inc.
    Advertising and marketing company that focuses on conversion rate marketing and email marketing. Website conversion and comprehensive architecture development.

  • Harbinger Group
    Harbinger Systems and Harbinger Knowledge Products form the Harbinger Group - a software and service-based company. News, career options and contact information found on website.

  • Insightful Ideas Inc.
    Consultant firm with a focus on online marketing strategies. Investment research and financial modeling services provided since 1996.

  • iPower Strategy
    Vancouver, Canada, online marketing firm. They offer extensive internet marketing solutions in a number of fields and for a wide array of businesses.

  • Link Age Technology Solutions
    Web & graphic design, computer Repair, home & office networks, data back-ups & email archiving, website hosting, domain names,certificates, payment gateways and online shopping cart implementation.

  • Luminet
    Provides a platform for business growth that boosts overall performance and delivers sustainable business growth.

  • Mir Internet Marketing
    Advertising firm focused on delivering SEO content, marketing solutions and options, software options and web development services.

  • Mr-SEO
    Small and enterprise aimed services in terms of SEO content and management. Pay-per-click advertising options also available; contact information on website.

  • OpenKnock
    An online supportive guide for visitor to answer the web services guidance related issues. Read the step by step tutorials to resolve the questions in simple steps.

  • Opportune Moment Marketing
    US-wide SEO services for small and big businesses. Targeted adds and specialized, individual media plans.

  • PageViews
    Offers search engine, social media and mobile marketing strategies. The website contains success stories, news and service descriptions, along with contact information.

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Internet Web Directory

Being listed on a web directory is one of the primary ways that many companies do business today. But a web directory is never enough to sustain a company's success, and that is true even for companies that only do business on the Internet. A good marketing plan, and an effective marketing plan, incorporates elements of online marketing and offline marketing to help drive business and increase revenue.

Internet WWW

Online Internet marketing can be a powerful way to reach millions of people at a very low cost and in some cases with a very detailed media presentation. The online video hosting websites are excellent places for companies to post short videos about their products and services, and with a little creativity those videos could become Internet sensations which creates a marketing goldmine. But it is important to remember that a follow-up with offline marketing is an extremely effective way to bolster the effects of any Internet marketing that is done.

Offline marketing techniques could be something as simple as making sure your web address is on your business cards, or making certain that the website address is included in all print advertising. As popular as the Internet may be there are still large groups of people that may miss your message if it is only on the Internet.

Nowdays you can barely see a business that does not have an online domain on the Internet where it presents its services, whether if we are talking about a small cosmetic company or a multinational organization. Internet is part of the mass-media, consisting in one of the most important - if not even the most important - ways of advertising a business. It is easier for people to surf the Internet and reach your web page rather than driving to your business`s location and ask any questions or order products. This is the part where web directories interfere. Web directories are known for listing the sites among top results that appear in the search engine whenever somebody searches for something on the Internet. Basically web directories help you because they deal with making your site more known and more popular to the public, and this method goes very well with other types of advertising such as newspaper or television advertising. More and more people gain access to the Internet every day, and this is why it is a matter of several years until people will have Internet access instead of television. It is its complexity that makes Internet so wanted among both people/potential customers and business owners.

Advertising done using traditional print media can be a powerful compliment to an Internet marketing campaign, and magazines can also help to reach a more focused audience as well. When someone picks up a newspaper or magazine, a well-structured advertisement will catch their attention. If you can get their interest with a well-structured print advertisement and the follow that up with more detailed information on the Internet, then you are well on your way to discovering the value of teaming up online Internet marketing with offline marketing to reach a wider audience.