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  • Avast Antivirus EP
    Protection against malware, internet viruses, spam ware, spyware, Trojans and worms. Offers intelligent antivirus, safes zone protection, auto-software updater and data shredder.

  • Kaspersky EP
    Provides multi-devise protection, endpoint security, business protection, targeted security solutions and anti-virus solutions. Supports financial protection, identity protection and password security.

  • Labinator
    Provides website security services, internet marketing packages (SEO, SEM, SMM), online business consultation and web solutions.

  • McAfee EP
    Provides data protection, database security, mobile security, risk and compliance, security as a service, endpoint protection, security information and event management and general security management.

  • Norton Antivirus EP
    Offers internet security protection, antivirus features premium corporate protection, customized protective features, spyware and virus removal, mobile security and multi-device protection. Also enables cloud file sharing.

  • Sys Logic Technology Services LLC
    Complete IT consulting and computer repair specialists located in Canton, East Texas.

  • McAfee SECURE services
    The McAfee SECURE certification allies your business to one of the one of the leading cybersecurity brands, helping decrease abandonment and bounces, and increasing sales.

  • Security Life
    Online magazine which holds information on online security. Moreover, they also have a directory for online security-related topics.

  • VeraSafe
    Online seller of security options for websites, along with trust seals which verify your authenticity and professionalism.

Online security Web Directory

Your website traffic either from a search engine or web directory is going to expect your site to be secure from viruses and hackers that may want to steal their personal information which may be required for certain transactions on your website.

This is especially true if you are going to have a section of your site dedicated to ecommerce where customers will be asked to enter their credit card information and potentially their social security number. The quickest way to cause irreparable damage to your website commerce section is to gain a reputation for having customer's personal information stolen after using your site. There are a few things you can do to insure the security of your customers as they visit and use your site, and they are very simple procedures.

The first thing to do is to purchase a secure encryption certificate for your website, and make every form on your website a secure part of the site. Your web hosting service can easily supply you with a secure encryption certificate for your site, and all you need to do to use it is to designate the site as an HTTPS site rather than the standard HTTP site you see on most websites.

This locks anyone else out of the website while your customer is entering sensitive information into a form of any kind.

Online security is important when it comes to keeping your customers satisfied and also keep you away from trials and law issues. In addition to that, every big site that uses ecommerce or epayments must have a very strong online security system in order to prevent even the best hackers from stealing personal information and use them for personal interest. The safest way is to purchase such a system from the most known companies that create antiviruses, so you will be guaranteed that your site is secure and ready to be used. When you purchased an online security system and you want it to be fully functional, you have to see if it has the latest upgrades and features that are able to keep up with the newest viruses on the internet.

Moreover, anti spyware programs and firewalls are also recommended in order to enforce your defense system. For further info related to online security and how can you provide the safest environment for the customers that use your online services, web directories such as can help and suggest safe and useful links in order to be more informed about the efficiency and the price of the online security systems.

For security in running an Internet ecommerce website, it is best to contract that service out to an ecommerce company that is more adept at providing the proper level of service and security to you and your customers.

An ecommerce company will know how to place the proper level of security for your customers on your retail website, and they will also assume responsibility for any intrusion on to the secure site by hackers or criminals. It is the safest way for you to assure your clients' security when they are entering sensitive information on your website.