Marketing for History Websites

Historians have been collecting information on the history of the world, people and society for centuries, cataloguing, researching and documenting the past so people can learn how humanity lived in the past. History is most often split in to two areas, history and prehistory. History covers human history dating back as far as written records go, pre-history is the time before this, when information is found entirely through Archeology.

The knowledge of human history is hugely important to the development of the human race, it shows the importance of peace and shows the horrors of war, it tells us how people used to live and how cleanliness and medicines have helped improve our lifestyle, as well as increase our lifespan.

History covers from the Homo Sapiens to modern day man, this information has shown us the process of evolution and how human beings arose from the animal kingdom, how we went from nomadic tribes to cities and how we passed from using flint tools to complex machinery! People who love archaeology have discovered amazing proofs in the past that made us understand better the development of the human race. This is how we found out that the Romans had a very evolved irrigation systems and drainage, for example. History can be fascinating if you like to study it, but on the other hand it can sometimes turn out to be really hard to remember all the years and precise data.

Nowadays, pupils are being taught history in school. Kings, kingdoms, wars and information about the greatest conquerers in history are the things that the children are the most interested in. Although history mainly consists in the life and actions of our predecessors, this term also reffers to the study of antiquity that is made by historians.

All in all, web directories can represent a great source of information for those people who love studying history and knowing more about the ones that lived before us. In the "History" subcategory on you can find some of the most important websites that offer useful and accurate information about kings, pyramids or great leaders.

History has shown us an unbelievable past, we can learn about human atrocities such as the concentration camps in World War Two, or the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. Sometimes History shows us where both combine, like the Egyptian pyramids where thousands died to create stunning monuments to the dead.

Either way the fascinating subject of History is one that can entertain and educate, its almost limitless depth gives near endless opportunities for discovery. With the depth of human depravity and ingenuity you can explore the human past to help improve the future of the human race. History is a subject that explores and investigates the past to improve the future for us all. There are thousands of online web directory sources for historical information!


  • Absolute Facts
    A collection of facts regarding the important events in our society such as the invention of the first Rolls-Royce or Porsche or the creation of the first art museum. Regularly updated with new content.

  • Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
    A scholar initiative of creating a comprehensive world atlas that will combine imagery, maps and text. Membership, news and conferences are guaranteed.

  • Historical Text Archive
    A collection of books, links and articles in regard to historical texts. Several countries are covered.

  • History Computerization Project
    A network aimed at exchanging historical information. Also includes advice on material organization, reference programs and historical research.

  • History of Nations
    Website providing an in-depth history of every country from Earth. Also provides images, a general overview and new information added monthly.

  • History Wiz
    A source for various multimedia exhibits, original content and links to other websites. Topics include American history, world history and current events.

  • InHeritage
    A website specialized in historic documentaries and preservation of different arthefacts. Comes with various interesting images.

  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project
    A collection of texts and historical documents of great value gathered in one place. Maps and US local-written articles included, various topics are covered. Prof. Paul Halsall is the author of this website.

  • Reportret
    Gallery featuring reconstructed portraits of different important figures in the world while respecting contemporary styles and historical resources.

  • Time Search
    A search tool that enables anyone to discover events according to year (from years 1000 to 1975). Interesting breakdown of countries.

  • WWW Virtual Library
    One of the most extensive directories on the internet containing several research methods, information about different epochs and eras, details about countries and constitutions. Hosted in Florence, Italy but maintained with help from researchers at University of Kansas.