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There are lots of reputable, human edited web directories on the Internet. They are serving two very common purposes: to create an index of quality websites and to help webmasters promote their web sites. Usually, each web directory has it's own set of guidelines.

Nowadays there are lots of web directories to choose from and many time the submitter is facing the most common web directory related question: "To what directories should I submit my website to?". Here is an article aiming to answer this question.

A list of Paid Directories
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Although some web directories may offer paid and free listings options, you'll come to a certain decision after reading what's included in each of these two submission types. Choosing a paid directory listing has lots of benefits compared to a free web directory listing, it may cost you some bucks but the chances of being approved are much higher.

Save Your Time:

The paid web directories are usually a guarantee when it comes to the review time. Nowadays some web directories guarantee a 24 hours review time while other web directories might take little longer but usually not exceeding a few days.

For free directories, although not all of them, it may take weeks or even more to get approved, and some of them may not even inform you of the status of your submission.

Submitting websites to paid and quality web directories directory is sometimes seen as a very quick and also easy method for getting more high quality back links.

There are lots of good quality niche and general directories, which are totally free of charge (e.g. DMOZ). Sometimes depending on the amount of your submission it'll take more time to get approved, but hey, it's free. Some web directories will refund the review fee if your website is not approved while some other web directories won't.

Before going to pay for some web directories set your initial budget and submit your website only to the highest quality directories.


    A premium human edited spam-free searchable Web directory operated from the UK. Strengthen your website visibility, brand and popularity online.

  • All Business Now
    A paid general purpose business directory that follows all Google guidelines.

  • Ananar Web Directory
    Internet Web Search Directory on the web offer various general activities to find a useful source of helpful information into best quality Internet website.

  • JoeAnt
    A web directory with the goal of listing "the best sites for a wide variety of topics giving our users the most relevant results for their searches"; JoeAnt is maintained by volunteer editors which they actively recruit through a link on the home page.

  • Linkopedia
    A human edited general web directory. It has been active since 1998.

  • Mishre Web Directory
    Human-edited web directory. Users can submit their websites to this directory for a review.

  • Skaffe Directory
    A hybrid between a general website directory and a local directory. On its homepage, it lists general categories first, and then lower on the homepage, it provides links to the various geographical regions of the world.

  • Tajboy - Barkin Good Websites
    Lists mainly hand picked websites but submissions are welcome for a small review fee.