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Medicine is essential to health & fitness. Rarely will you find a person who lives an entire lifetime without need for medicine somewhere along the line. It is considered both an art and a science. The topic includes a wide range of health care practices that are designed to maintain, or to restore optimum physical and mental health. It also refers to the actual substances that comprise medicinal pills, potions, and treatments.

Modern medicine uses scientific medical advances, research, and new technology to determine diagnoses, and to treat diseases and disabilities. Some folk medicine is as simple as the laying on of hands, and faith healing. Most reference to medicine is to the career in general, and doctors or treatment medicines specifically. Early medicine used herbs and potions to heal diseases. The development of soap and antibiotics greatly improved health practices and medicinal procedures by killing germs and helping to prevent infections. The field of pharmacology enhanced medical treatments, and new drugs are being studied every day in this industry. At the same time, researchers are looking back at old herbal remedies and finding chemicals that work and are from nature.

Medicine covers more than one area, and besides the modern medicine we have the  alternative health using herbal plants or certain minerals in order to treat diseases, the folk medicine and other methods of healing which even if they are not approved by the Ministry of Health, turn out to be highly effective even when treating diseases that are thought not to be curable. The first forms of medicine occurred in Egypt and China, the Chinese people are known for having treated themselves with herbs for more than two millenniums.

When talking about medicine, there are many different branches according to each body zone, therefore we have cardiology, neurology, immunology and other branches where doctors specialize in their areas of research and treatment. Nowadays more and more students go for medicine, being fond of helping people and knowing more about the human body. Due to the fact that the medicine is in a continuous evolution, it is expected that in twenty years` time there won`t be any disease left without a cure.

The medical system varies from country to country. For instance, in the wealthy nations the medicine is evoluting faster due to the fact that the financial status is a good one, while in the underdeveloped nations the medicine is barely managing to keep people alive. These developed nations are now trying to help countries from Africa to improve their medical system as well and so the medicine will work its magic there, too.

Modern medicine involves a relationship between a physician and patient, as well as the use of pharmacology. The realm of medicine involves the doctor-patient interview as much as actual physical treatments and prescriptions. Physical examinations, fluid analyses, and diagnostic testing all contribute to the overall health & fitness picture of an individual. Treatments can include therapy, drugs, or surgery. Look to a web directory for easy access to extensive information on the various aspects of medicine.

Surgeons, nurses, technicians, and office personnel are essential to modern medicine. Sciences within the field frequently overlap, such as anatomy, genetics, and others, to expand the reach of the category of medicine.