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  • Amazing Facts
    A Christian media ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angels' message of Revelation 14.

  • Bonpounou
    A christian website offering a variety of gospel songs to nourish the soul. Users can learn about the word of God and to view news, videos and more.

  • Evangelical Christian Church in Canada
    Canadian organization that is training and equipping men and women into ministry. Includes an overview, vision statement, list of doctrines, credentials and more.

  • God is real
    Articles and information about proof that God exists, like modern day miracles, the power of God, visions of Jesus Christ, heaven and angels, and more.

  • Hajj Guides
    Hajjguide is publishing hajj & umrah content for Muslims, hajj and umrah packages for 2014, islamic information, pray times and Muslim calendars.

  • Messianic Jews
    Messianic Jews believe that Jesus Christ (Yehoshua HaMashiach) as their savior and redeemer. Learn about on what they believe and on how they live as the Children of Israel.

  • Siddhaguru-To engage Human with God
    A Siddhaguru means a guru who can give anything that is wished for to the qualified. Siddhaguru Ramanananda Maharshi belongs to this lineage. Being the witness of the truth, he talks only about the words communicated by that divine.

  • United Faith Church
    A portal where users can share the love of The Father in Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit by teaching, preaching, and proclaiming the good news of the gospel to all men and women in all nations.

  • All Things Spiritual EP
    Directory created to support in rushing this trend. Providing a modest means of finding advanced knowledge to support with your pursuit.

  • Cath EP
    Searchable topic focused on directory. Delivers an extensive examination of Roman Catholic sites search. Is a manually gathered websites directory, indexed by topic.

  • Christ Notes EP
    Christ Notes is an online Bible source intended to improve and promote bible study. Bible search in numerous translations with Bible education tools and Bible commentary. Contains a daily Bible verse and Christian wallpaper. Offers a tool to discover exactly the verses you're looking for.

  • EP
    Christianity Today is a NPO broadcasting ministry for the evangelical church. Holds the full edition of Christianity Today's 13 magazines, reviews, highest religion news and two search engines with links to thousands of Christian web sites.

  • Clarifying Christianity
    Topics to read about including Heaven, Cults, Angels, Baptism, the Trinity, and even Dinosaurs.

  • EP
    Christian entryway to Bible study tools, daily devotional, music reviews, forums for traditional evangelicals, articles on domestic life.

  • Croswalk
    A Christian based website with many useful tools for religion in the modern world. They offer free religious reading and are currently giving away the book titled "Reformation in Foreign Missions."

  • Gospel Communications Network EP
    More than 150 Christian assemblies functioning together to evangelize and shape up the body of followers online. Plus Youth for Christ, Back to the Bible, International Bible Society. Contains online articles, music, podcasts, Bible studies, devotionals.

  • Holy Orders
    Members must pledge to perform a specified amount of prayer time and commitment.

  • Muslim Responses To Anti-Islam Polemics
    The purpose of the website is to facilitate Muslim responses to the various mendacious polemics and distortions of Islam by the Christian missionaries and their allies.

  • Mystic Planet and New Age Directory of Planet Earth EP
    Worldwide directory of mystical and metaphysical products, services, communities and resources.

  • NA NET Global EP
    Network of New Age-related web sites. A crowd of people and organizations who have something in common and get together to empower each individual participant to be the finest they can be. Provides a sort of system to permit its participants to interact each other, given their email addresses and other contact data.

  • Peace with God
    For those looking to bring God into their heart and soul.

  • Religious Studies Web Guide EP
    Saundra Lipton's collection of unrestricted internet resources for academic investigators. Comprises denomination and topic specific resources, composed with listings of bibliographies, journals, list servers, and software. Since 1995, centers on unrestricted internet resources of. Suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

  • Religious Tolerance
    Features topics such as Paganism, abortion rights, and Wiccan beliefs, and is not suitable for minor children.

  • Spirit Mind Body UK EP
    Holistic therapists, classes, and events in the UK. Target to deliver a service to different and complementary therapy practitioners, beauty therapists, metaphysically, spiritually aware folk and likeminded associated spirits. Data on a specific subject or course.

  • Spiritual Network EP
    Open internet data on the connectivity of the mind, body, and spirit to each other and to a advanced spiritual level.

  • That Religious Studies Website
    A website that helps the visitors to explore religion, philosophy, and ethics under the realm of education.

  • The Body Soul & Spirit Expo EP
    Complete and metaphysical tradeshow in Canada. The Body Soul & Spirit Expo showcases goods, services and resources for growth, and promotes the individual quest for completeness and self understanding.

  • Virtual Religion Index EP
    This website is intended to progress research in matters of religion. As a worldwide forum that may be log on instantaneously anyplace, the internet promises to beat the power of the printing press on the learning of religion. A worldwide archive of free data on the desk of everyone with a PC & internet access.

Religion Web Directory

Religion is one of the worlds largest topics of discussion. With so many factions, different religions, atheists, agnostics and scientologists it is hard to pick a side, or even know who is along the right lines. There are hundreds of web directory links out there leading you to different religions websites, although it can be hard to decide which to follow.

Religion has however been the cornerstone of civilization, allowing humanity to rise from a disorganized rabble to the current global species with cities in every country on the globe. While some may contest its usefulness in today's society, in the past it was a hugely effective way of controlling crime and the populace in general.

Religion wise you may be looking at Muslim, Christianity, Hindu, Jewish or Sikh, all of which have similar ideals but have suffered some terrible conflicts over the centuries. Religion itself is the number one cause of conflicts the world over, though many argue that if religion was not the reason, something else would be.However, people are free to believe in the god that they want. Nobody is forced to have a religion because this is against the rules ( Religion Freedom). The Christian people for example guide themselves after the Bible, while people belonging to other religions have the Coran or other books which they consider holy.

In addition to that, as stated before each religion guides after a set of "rules" which include not committing murders as well as not to steal or lie. Rules such as these have prevented many societies from declining. Some people can exagerate when talking about religion and become extremely devoted to Church. When it comes to categorizing religions, there are all sorts of religions from the extended ones with billions of believers to those that are popular among communities and only have a few members.

To sum up, religion is a topic that has always been discussed and the existance of gods is still put under the question mark. If you would like to be part of a religious community and you have troubles upon deciding which one, can give you links to the webpages of certain religions that present basic information regarding this and you have where to choose from.

However you look at it the religions of the world have had an impact on both people and society the world over, shaping our civilizations with some of the worlds most beautiful art and architecture. Anyone doubting this should visit a Mosque or Church or even the Vatican City. In any of these places you will see copious amounts of brilliant statues and carvings, drawings and paintings that will make you think fondly of religion.

So whether you are looking at the Taj Mahal, The Sistine Chapel or the Pyramids, remember that religion created these huge monuments to people and society. Without religion it is possible that we would see none of the beauty that adorns some of the worlds most famous cities!