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Europe is the world's 5th largest continent by surface area (10,180,000 square kilometers) and it covers about 6.8 % of the world's total surface area. It is skirted by the Arctic Ocean in the North, Atlantic Ocean in the West, Mediterranean Sea in the South and Ural and Suez watershed divides to the East.

Europe map

Europe is primarily called as the birth place of western culture. It is divides into 50 countries where Russia, [took out-being] the largest and also most populated, covers more than 40 % of the whole continent.This country is one of the most traveled destinations in the world since it offers so many diverse cultures. Whether you are searching for Expedia city breaks to Athens or a weekend trip to Prague, Europe has it all.

The United Kingdom, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and Bulgaria are some of the major countries of the continent. Lake Balaton in Hungary is the largest lake and the Volga (3690 km) is the longest liver of Europe. English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, German are the primary languages spoken.

The climatic zone of Europe majorly lies in the Temperate Zone. Due to the influence of Gulf Stream, the temperature of Europe is milder when compared to nearby regions. Europe is the home of the World's famous Alps Mountain ranges.

The major natural vegetation of this continent is mixed forest with very favorable growth condition.

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