Biology web directory: 22 resources.

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  • Anatomy Atlases
    Digital library including: Atlas of Human Anatomy, Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section, Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation, Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy - A Functional Approach.

  • Bioresearch Online
    Provides videos, sections and subsections on marketing, life science connect career opportunities and a contact page.

  • Brightstorm: Biology EP
    Different references and definitions and informative articles such as Darwin's Theory of Evolution and more.

  • Current Biology EP
    Features different types of research based articles and information.

  • Action Bioscience
    Website aiming at promoting all fields in the bioscience department. From environmental issues, to biology and evolution - the website is composed out of numerous articles portraying each field.

  • Animal Science Database
    A resource for veterinarians and animal producers. Contains news items, research information and an article database.

  • Cells Alive!
    Offers a content divided by subjects like cell biology, microbiology, immunology and microscopy, as well as an interactive segment with titles such as cell models, mitosis, puzzles or worksheets.

  • Discover Life
    Discover Life is an online community dedicated to sharing and gathering resources about all forms of life. Users can add pictures and information, share any new discoveries and make a difference in terms of education and promoting biology.

  • Encyclopedia of Life
    Features news, images, similar web sources and different extremely detailed pages for every organism on Earth.

  • Exploratorium: Revealing Bodies
    A website dedicated to the progress digital and conventional imagery has made in portraying how we now see the human body. Galleries included with of pictures from the past and pictures made with today's technology.

  • Biology Concepts
    They not only feature a web of information but they tend to cover the basics of Biology rather than focus on just one specific branch of Biology. This website is based essentially on the plant side of Biology.

  • International Society for Computational Biology
    ISCB's official website, containing the ISCB conferences schedule and various segments on membership, multimedia, publications, student council, careers and education.

  • Marine and Environmental Education and Research, Inc.
    MEER's official website, featuring topics like marine organisms, brief history of marine biology, wildlife conservation, seas and oceans.

  • Preclinical Services
    ClinAsia Labs daily schedule consists of developing programs to provide correct information about the chemical making of a new drug, its safety, its formulation strategy and its administration procedure to be followed when provided to the first man.

  • Simulation Toolkit
    The Simulation Toolkit is a project developed by biomedical experts. Its use is that of simulating biological structures on a physical level.

  • Temporal Bone Anatomy
    Online resource with pictures, text and illustrations. There are also interactive videos showing off common information about bone structures and bone-related problems.

  • Teratology Society
    Non-profit organization focused on research, education and communication in order to prevent birth defects and disorders of developmental origin.

  • The Genetics Society
    120. Dedicated to supporting and promoting genetic research and education in the UK. The site features segments on funding, education, prizes, news, conferences, membership and publications.

  • The International Biogeography Society
    IBS's official website, featuring tabs on resources, frontiers, publications, meetings, as well as details about the society and contact info.

  • Tree of Life Web Project
    Gives the possibility to explore the tree of life, containing information on biodiversity and the characteristics and evolutionary history of various groups of organisms, as well as offering thousands of web pages.

  • Vesalius
    Online research and study source for surgeons and the overall medical community. Includes picture and presentations on various medical procedures.

  • What is Life
    An online forum where the subject of what is life is discussed. All information is from a biological and physical perspective exclusively. It also contains articles and news items regarding this subject.

Biology Web Directory

Biology is, simply put, the study of life. Any living organism or even a part of one can be studied under the field of biology. Biologists who study living organisms examine everything about life from the structure and growth of an organism to the classification of organisms. Modern biology is undertaken with five main principals as its foundation: cell theory, gene theory, evolution, energy and homeostasis.

Because life is so diverse and complicated, there are many subfields of study in the field of biology. The study of animals (zoology), plants (botany), and micro-organisms like bacteria (microbiology) can be divided further by specifying specific groups of organisms within the main category. Entomology, for example, is the study of insects, one group of animals. Even further, there are subfields based on which specific attribute is studied. Cellular biology, for example, will focus on the study of the biological cell.

Biology strives to discover all of the secrets of life, and the study of the field uncovers everything from the history of life to the inner-workings of every living thing to what is needed to create life itself. As the field expands and more is uncovered, we learn how to not only protect life, but also to assist and even manipulate it.

Biology, as said, deals with studying the environment that surrounds us, whether we speak about human anatomy, the study of plants or animals. Throughout time, the discoveries that were made in the field of biology significantly contributed to the medical field as well, the precious information that the biologists and botanists discovered was used in order to develop new medicine and treatments for certain diseases. Thanks to botanists, for instance now the alternative medicine using plants as a cure is now available and seems to be very effective.

Going back to the early beginnings of biology, this term was firstly used around the first half of the 19th century, but it is known that people began to study the plants, animals and the human anatomy long time ago since the time of the ancient civilizations, mostly from Africa and Asia (China). Very well-known people who contributed in other domains as well such as Hippocrates or Aristotle were among those who brought their contribution to the development of medicine and who set the basis for biology also.

Nowadays, biology is a very accurate science and there are only a few species of plants/animals that weren`t discovered yet. New and new forms of life come to light daily, and this is why biologists and biology laboratories must have the best equipment in order to provide information about these particular forms of life. can be useful if you are looking for professional equipment and besides this it can also help you if you only want to find out more about a species of animals or be more familiar with your body.

With the study of life, we learn how to extend the life of humans, balance life on our planet between ourselves and our surroundings, understand and control pests, and predict the future of our life and life in general. Biology can be applied to many different aspects of life to make the world a better place.

With a web directory of biological resources, one can reference topics on all fields of biology imaginable, keeping up with modern expansions and breakthroughs in the field, as well as being able to research and understand the history of life and biology.