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  • Astute Lighting
    Multipurpose lighting options. The online store offers a diverse selection of lighting devices, suited for lots of different applications.

  • Eastar Lighting
    Manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient and high brightness LED lights for residential and commercial lighting applications.

  • Gemstone Kights: Smart Exterior Lighting Solutions
    Have been offering outdoor lighting solutions to Canada and The United States since 2016. The firm offers permanent smart lighting for all occasions and seasons.

  • LED Rope Lights And More
    Offers quality LED rope lights, LED flexible neon, LED Christmas lights and other accent lighting solutions.

  • LED Shop Lights
    US based online store that offers a variety of lighting products and lighting items, including LED light fixtures, explosion proof lighting, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights and more.

    Addresses lighting professionals and offers searchable listings of lighting products vendors, a discussion forum and news in regard to the lighting industry.

  • Occhio Lighting at Future Light Design
    A company that supllies Occhio lighting. We can also provide bespoke lighting design using Occhio light fittings.

  • Touchstone Accent Lighting EP
    Has been manufacturing premium quality 12-volt landscape LED light fixtures and providing creative design and professional installation services for homes and businesses since 1986.

  • Zhejiang Iluxz Lighting Co., Ltd.
    Committed to manufacture stable and reliable LED lights for global customers.

  • Beacon Lighting
    Australian lighting retailer that offers a range of lights and fans. Online shopping is possible and delivery services are also available.

  • Bocci Lighting UK Website
    Future Light Design Bocci are a company that suppllies Bocci lighting. Future Light Design Bocci can also provide bespoke lighting design using Bocci light fittings.

  • Commercial
    Supplying all types of lamps, light bulbs, and fluorescent tubes for homes or businesses.

  • Feiss
    The company offers a collection of designer lighting products by addressing the luxury segment of the real estate market.

  • Gemstone Lights
    Gemstone Lights offers smart exterior lighting to homes and businesses across North America. Contact a verified dealer in your area today to learn more about our fully customizable, energy-efficient outdoor LED lighting solution.

  • Home Lighting Systems Ltd.
    A small home automation company specialising in customised intelligent lighting control systems for new builds.

  • Lamps Plus
    Offers lighting fixtures to residential customers, as well as ceiling lights, chandeliers and pendant lights.

  • Lighting Direct
    Offers light fixtures and permanent customer support. Customers can order lighting items and devices online.

  • Lighting Fixture
    A comprehensive industrial resource for lighting equipment and lamp products. Find global manufacturers and suppliers of home illumination and outdoor lighting products, light bulbs and light fixtures, automotive lights and other industrial lighting solutions.

  • Lighting Majestic
    UK based company that specializes in lighting products and services. offers a variety of lamps, ceiling lights and more.

  • LiteCraft
    UK based company that specializes in lighting retail. Offers a range of lighting products and fixtures for residential clients.

  • Orbit Lighting
    Lighting retailer that offers a variety of lighting products and devices - addresses both residential and commercial clients.

  • Oz Lighting
    Australian lighting retailer that offers lighting fixtures and devices for both indoors, as well as outdoors.

  • Quoizel
    Lighting retailer that specializes in delivering custom lighting designs for residential clients.

  • Royal Lighting
    Specializes in offering lighting products and fixtures to customers who are considering redecoration projects. Offers advice in regard to installation and maintenance.

Lighting Web Directory

Lighting plays a great role in making home value added, fresher and fabulous. Proper lighting is found to be very beneficial to provide desired focus to a room or surrounding.

Lighting Listings
Elegant lighting example

At present, there are lots of sites available online to assist people in search of lighting guides. Proper lighting makes the day today life activities in a person's life easy and simple. Apart as a safety measure, alluring lighting techniques done for home improvement can also maximize the focus on a specific region.

Lighting needs varies from one room to another according to the purpose. To install proper lighting, owner or the person doing lighting should have a basic idea about different lighting types.

Ambient lighting is usually done at a place where the light needs to be illuminated at a large distance. People who wish to focus a certain region at a place can choose accent lighting. Apart from the above two, task lighting is another common lighting type intended to make a specific task easier. In some cases, natural lighting is also done to adore home interiors.

Firelight, candlelight and sunlight are some of the common natural lightings done to decorate home. Generally, natural lighting is highly dependent on parameters like weather, location of room and season. A person who knew different types of lighting can easily determine the correct lamps and lampshades needed for a particular area. Good lighting is a main factor influencing the mood of people in the room.

People who wish to create an inviting atmosphere are advised to add at least five lighting sources in room. Following are some of the best used lighting choices to make home alluring and fantabulous.


Chandelier is one of the best used lighting choices in dining rooms. It enhances the beauty of furniture and stands as a focus point in the room. To change lighting appearance, chandeliers are usually used with dimmers to reduce the glow of light. Soft glowing light is found to be very effective to provide a fine dining experience to the whole family. Apart from dining room, chandeliers can be also used to decorate a formal living room.

Recessed lights

Recessed light is a common lighting choice used in hallways and kitchen. A recessed light is fixed by cutting holes through the ceilings. For proper installation of recessed light, it is advised to seek the help of a professional licensed electrician.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are usually added in the dark corners of rooms to add mood and grab focus of eyes. At present, floor lamp is a common choice of lighting in family rooms and bed rooms. Floor lamps are also installed in combination with torchiere lamps. Usually, torchiere lamps are like torches with the light going upwards.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are usually used as accessory lighting in home interiors. Today, wall sconce is a common lighting choice to initiate mood in small narrow hallways. Doing proper lighting can certainly make your living space functional and enjoyable.