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Broadcasting Innovation: Blogcasting

This message is a “Blog Broadcast” from my home studio in the heart of the central valley of California. As I hit “send” with the touch of my fingertip, my electronic message is transmitted out reaching the eyes and minds of millions of readers all over the country. WOW! This is blog marketing in a nut shell. This prodigious innovation in the world of advertising has completely changed the way companies do business.

Blogcasting whatever it is you bring to market, yourself, a product, or a special cause near and dear to your heart; blogging can have a phenomenal impact almost immediately in getting your message or product out into the vast world of internet marketing, where profitability can be optimized.

The latest research statistics from the 2009 State of the Blogosphere; complied by Technorati, concludes from data both professional and private hobby blogger read marketing blogs. Research shows more than 133,000,000 blogs, have been catologued by Technorati since 2002, confirming, over 78% of internet users follow blog marketing for the things that make an impact in their life.

Blog marketing is sweeping today’s advertising market, where keeping informed in this fast paced world we live in, is vital to the survival of your business while competing in the industry of your marketplace.

Blog marketing has proven to be an effective way of breaking out of the confines of your small community, by taking a quantum leap, into a universe where the possibilities of expanding your market base are endless.

Amazingly, blog marketing can make an enormous difference in exposure for your business; with minimal costs, the effects yielded from blog marketing can be astounding! Why else would so many Fortune Five Hundred Companies use blog advertising as a daily tool in being more effective in catering to their clientele, while keeping a pulse on the latest trends around the corner, poised and ready to capitalize on?

The value of blog advertising in your business today, can be an enormous asset for any company looking to be on the cutting edge, allowing the power of technology to expedite sales and profitability.

Companies that endure the ebb and flow of commerce in our country have established longevity in the marketplace by being tenacious and aggressive in communicating with their market base. If you have ever blogged; you might think of the term “Blogging” is somehow a trendy phrase and not a valid resource you can take seriously.

You might somehow associate the companies who blog as being fly-by-night, not companies with real staying power in the marketplace.

However, blog marketing is the real world we live in today, and, quite the contrary, blog advertising can bring more substantial connections and support to your companies needs, while providing endless resources and possibilities. Chances are, you have actually been reading blogging articles not even realizing it in your trade journals.

The days of newspaper boys tossing the morning paper into the sprinklers, before you’ve had your morning cup of coffee, are archaic.

Electronic media is the source that 70% of the people in our country use for minute by minute updates on current events, while surfing and blogging the net for their other needs. It has given both, large and small companies the power of extreme exposure, allowing them to be viable competition in the real world marketplace of today; the internet.

Blogosphere data from 2009 shows 58% of people surveyed claim

… they have more name recognition in their industry due to their companies participation in blog marketing. Surely, no one can refute the powerful impact the internet has had on all of our lives.

Search engines wait eagerly for a command; a tool at our fingertips allowing us to search for the latest information on any subject that we could possibly imagine.

Empowering your business with blog marketing technique’s; gives you ability to network with your business from a platform of knowledge, allowing your company to be diligent in it’s drive for full exposure at it’s greatest.

The media scene at one time consisted only of newspapers, the evening news broadcast, and radio. Today, through the power of the internet and social media, we have many more valuable resources to promote business in the present.

Chances of a small business fifteen years ago, being able to afford prime time advertising on a cable network, was incomprehensible as the cost was astronomical, compared to most small advertising budgets. On the assumption that a business could afford this kind of advertising package, the comparison of exposure doesn’t compare to the publicity that blog marketing can deliver.

Social media is having a huge impact

… on today’s society and the future of your potential market. When your company is utilizing blog marketing at it’s finest; your chances of saturating your market with the latest buz about your company while making valuable connections; can catapult your sells making you a viable contender. It can truly be a win win, and the downside to advertising on the net? Well, actually there isn’t one.

The concept of blog-casting should be on your companies agenda as a number one priority if you plan on expanding your business; or just need an injection of adrenaline There are many free samples offered on most of the social networking sites, and even on most of your home pages.

Life doesn’t slow down, why should your advertising needs? So cash in, see the amazing results you can achieve in blog marketing. The only pain to it is the growing pains your company will experience!


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