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  • United States Census Bureau: Computer and Internet Use
    A monthly survey of about 50,000 households conducted by the Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics about computer and internet use in the United States.

  • Wikipedia: List of computer magazines EP
    A list of magazines marketed primarily for computer and technology enthusiasts or users.

  • .net Magazine
    Includes guided tutorials, expert tips, advice and in-depth interviews with key industry company leaders.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • CN Computing EP
    An online resource for scholars, developers and students who are interested in computers and media.

  • CPU Computer Power User Magazine
    Includes evaluations of new technology, hardware and software reviews, tips, advice, and opinionated articles from computing experts.

  • Digital Producer Magazine EP
    Offers a collection of tutorials, news articles and downloadable multimedia content for both developers and enthusiasts.

  • Emedia live EP
    Features news, reviews, research and industry-specific information for professionals who capture, edit, publish and stream digital content.

  • eWeek EP
    Features news, product reviews and features that focus on the developments in the computer industry.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • FCW EP
    Offers an online guide to government information technology, explaining the latest legal requirements in regard to technology and computers.

  • Internet News EP
    Fulfills the informational needs of experts by providing them with real-time IT news and updates on various topics.

  • IT Pro EP
    An online publication that serves as s source for business technology news, expert views and blogs.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Linux Journal
    Includes open source software reviews, Linux distribution updates, products, tips and news.

  • MacWorld Magazine
    Includes the latest Apple product release reviews and news, how-to articles, troubleshooting and advice.

  • Media Mall EP
    Resource for digital media entertainment news and reviews, addressing both professionals and aspiring students.

  • MIT Press Journals EP
    A quarterly publication dedicated to computer music, digital sound and the musical applications of computers.

  • Multimedia gazette EP
    Provides a collection of articles and resources for multimedia developers. Offers the latest news in the tech environment.

  • Multimedia/Hypermedia EP
    Offers a plethora of media and hypertext that is published on the Internet to be seen and reviewed by skilled professionals.

  • PC Magazine
    Includes how-to articles, expert tips and advice, software and hardware insights.

  • PC World Magazine
    Includes a DVD with free applications, information on other technical items.

  • Reviewboard Magazine EP
    Provides tech product reviews and focuses on computer hardware and software. Addressing mainly the younger tech-interested clientele.

    An index of multimedia resources online. Contains articles, tutorials and utilities.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • SmartComputing Magazine
    Includes tutorials on hardware and software, product reviews and news.

  • TC Electronic EP
    Provides plugins and hardware-based effects processing for professional developers who want to try out new possibilities.

  • Windows IT Pro Magazine
    Includes Windows-based technology trends, product news and reviews, and community interaction with advice and tips.

  • Wired EP
    Offers news coverage on technology, culture, business and politics on a global level. Addressing tech fans from across the globe.

Ever since the advent of computers, users have turned to publications for instructional advice, technical information and previews into new computer technology. These publications have helped computer users optimize and improve the way they use this ever growing technology, and such publications continue to do so to this very day.

Today, publications are an important part of the computer user's experience, for the wealth of information they can provide. Whether they are tutorials, how-to guides, white papers or instructional books, publications for computer related tech have and will always be a valuable resource. When searching for certain publications, a good online web directory can help lead you right to the publication that you are looking for.

Magazines such as PC Gamer, MacAddict and Computer Shopper have been a mainstay for consumers for decades, while researchers, programmers and engineers have always enjoyed access to publications, authored books and other multimedia released by the IEEE and other computer related associations.

These publications often cover both hardware and software, along with system components, programming languages, emerging technologies and other items that may be of interest to those who are working within the computer technology field.'s web directory can help point you to the publications that you are looking for.

It is vital for any beginner to have the necessary publications in order to learn. It is true that you can surf the Internet and find out the information you need, but publications provide information in such a way that it is easily to comprehend, following baby steps to teach you whatever you want to know about computers in a good, professional manner.

If you decide to purchase publications regarding computers and modern technology, this web directory will be very useful because you will receive a list of publications from which you choose the one that suits you best. Publications are categorized by their main topics. Some of the publications aim to be introductory and generally cover some of the most important aspects when it comes to computers and techniques, while other publications go for a more in depth approach of different topics in such a way that the reader will know everything about the hardware components of a computer, for instance.

These publications are very useful for both students and children that would like to work in the IT area. There are lists of the most important publications, for example there are publications related to programming languages and sublanguages while other publications aim to develop the subject of the algorithm. Publications are based on hours of documentation and research and this is what makes them reliable, while web sites can provide you the wrong information.

If you are looking for computer related publications, our web directory can help get you exactly what you need without any time lost on unnecessary legwork and frustrating combthroughs.'s online directory features a comprehensive listing of websites that are relevant to your interests in publications.

Instead of having to sift through hundreds or even thousands of search engine results without getting anywhere, our web directory presents hundreds of useful links to websites that are relevant to your current search, saving you time and effort that could be wasted on frustrating search engines.