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Blog Marketting: A Mutually Effective Relationship

Internet marketing has been sweeping the web. The more advertisers realize the near limitless boundaries of the world wide web, the more drawn they are to the idea of advertising in a medium that allows them to expand beyond their local or even national reaches, and gives them the ability, if they wish to reach the base of public knowledge on a global scale.

With the ever expanding innovation of the internet and its users, advertisers have a lot of spots to choose from to place their ads. Many have chosen to utilize online blogs as their key medium for marketing of their product or service.

A beneficial strategy on several fronts, blog advertising has garnered further and further popularity, leading some to establish public blogs where freelance writers contribute material, while advertisers utilize their entries in order to garner interest from blog visitors.

This makes blog advertising a symbiotic relationship between the blogger and the marketer. The blogger earns a small portion of revenue for every time an advertisement is accessed off their blog, and blog advertisers therefore only pay knowing that someone clicked on their advertisement. So there is revenue for one party, exposure and opportunity for future revenue for the other.

Blog advertising has garnered further and further popularity

Blog advertising is also beneficial in that it allows the advertisers to key in on a niche market. Scouring the web for blog entries that are related to a product, a type of product or service, even if in a loosely related way, gives the advertiser an opportunity to find perfect locations to place their ads.

Logically speaking, if someone accesses a blog with the interest of reading about a product or service, the reader may also be interested in exploring the opportunity to inquire further, invest in or purchase the advertised product. The reader does not need to go looking for information, as it will be readily available via a click of a mouse.

Blog advertisement is also easy to expand. Let’s say there is a blog with an entry about a certain product, or a blog geared towards discussion of this product, and an advertiser has placed an ad, but the reader has overlooked it. Now let’s say that this blog has links to other blogs which might be related to the same product discussions.

An advertiser can follow these links and inquire about having their ads being placed on these blogs as well. If the interested reader bypassed the initial encounter with the ad, there is now a pretty good chance that the advertisement from the same marketer will be encountered again as the reader continues their blog cruise.

Posting a back link to a blog that contains an advertisement in the comment section of another, related blog, is another blog advertising strategy. Almost every blog will have an available comment section which encourages user feedback to the blogger’s entry. Someone scrolling through the comments, may be interested to visit the linked blog, allowing the blogger and advertiser to get even more exposure to their blog and ad, respectively.

But what if the advertiser has a product or service that they want to push knowledge of out beyond just a specific niche market? Blog marketing is especially strategic in this area since most blog writers want to attract readers, so the blogger is well served by promoting their blog on social networking sites.

This opens up the access to even more people who can be exposed to knowledge about an advertiser’s product. Now the exposure to the advertisement increases incrementally, or even exponentially.

There is another factor that many would not mention, but equally as many would agree with. Blog advertisement is plain and simply immensely less annoying to anyone surfing the web. Accessing a site which has a bunch of pop up ads, or long loading advertisements that one may be forced to wait for before getting to what they really care about seeing, is usually a nuisance.

Over imposing advertising is usually a good way to turn a potentially interested party away. Blog advertising typically allows for ads to be placed strategically around the blog without serving as an irritating interference, thereby driving down the chances of sending readers surfing off to another web locale.

Keeping track of advertising clicks allows the marketer to measure just how well blog marketing works? If an advertiser is working more closely with the blogger, the two may share information and determine the rate at which readers visit the blog, and at what rate they show interest to ads by clicking on them.

The overall benefits of blog advertising cannot be argued.

Advertisers receive a forum that reaches many, and provided by a willing host who is likely someone who is interested in having the ad available to his or her readers, and will draw profit for advertising a product for someone else. The innovation of how blogs are used for blog advertisement continues. Before long, more ideas will spawn about how to make this strategy an even more effective resource for all parties involved.


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