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A Blow Against Duplicate Content Opens Up New Opportunities

Google Inc. made yet another step in crushing duplicate content websites. As part of E-marketing strategies, many online businesses would publish their content to sits like Ezinearticle, Goarticles, and other “online magazine” pages in an attempt to build up their organic page rankings through backlinks. This was a method Google deemed as “cheating the system’.

Google recently implemented Meta tags that allow the search engine to distinguish between original and syndicated content on Google News and beyond. As a consequence, this duplicate content strategy became extinct overnight.

As a result, businesses scrambled, desperately sending their marketing departments to find alternatives. Since this was a major part of their ad campaigns, they needed to find an alternative, and fast. Research led to more research, and nothing seemed to be as effective.

How Does Blog Advertising Work?

Blog advertising is the best way to start link building in the current Internet climate, and the forecast shows that it’ll stay that way for awhile. Blogs and social media are taking off, and they’re becoming more integrated than ever.

Unlike duplicate content sites, blogs are run by real people with real stories to share. Blog advertising connects with potential users and customers because it is a relaxed setting. Instead of throwing banner ads, pop-ups, or reference links in the face of clients, you’re giving them links to relevant information so you generate real leads with an interest in your products, services, and website.

Blog advertising typically works in two ways: One type of post will prompt bloggers to write about an advertised product with an embedded photo or link, while the second type of blog advertising is a press release where a pre-written piece of news or an announcement is released on a blogger’s page.

These methods generate relevant, permanent backlinks that strengthen the relevancy of your site on organic searches. The best way to climb the ranks on Google is to be discussed on many sites, and blog advertising is as wide-ranging and diverse as can be imagined. Because of this, it is the perfect link building opportunity for both established website and up-and-coming titles.

Because these bloggers have their own perspectives, writing styles, and opinions, there is no better way to get unique content reviews for your product or website. These reviews reach thousands upon thousands of readers, generating excitement and intrigue for your company and their brands.

Spending thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising could get you the same result, but blog advertising is cost-effective and high on impact. Reaching thousands of users for such a low price would once have been impossible before the boom of the blogosphere.

Let help you launch your E-marketing campaign. Blog advertising is a powerful tool that will allow your company to reach thousands of new customers. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


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