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The Google Sandbox Debate

If you are a webmaster or someone who is looking to make a ton of money from Google then you want to understand and know what the Google sandbox is all about. The most popular question is does this Google sandbox really exist and what does it have to do with making money?

What the Google sandbox is, a filter that is now being placed on new websites and does not allow for the most popular keywords or key phrases to receive good page rankings. If you have a website who receives a good amount of traffic and has some of the highest paid and searched for keywords then you still face the risk of not being able to make much money with the Google sandbox filter.

This is actually a good thing for people who have created a bunch of spam websites to just flood your computer with page after page of websites that you are not interested in. What most people do not know or understand is how this works. In reality the website that has just been created has been placed on what most would be considered to be probation.

This makes the website prove that it is a good website and that it deserves to be ranked higher in the website search engines returned results page when someone searches for the keywords or key phrases that are being used to look up something.

What most do not understand is why on earth Google created the sandbox filter. The reason why some believe that Google implemented the Google sandbox filter is to make people who are just producing spam websites not to get high rankings on Google and this makes people who are creating just spam sites to not make any money.

The spam websites typically have a large amount of links displayed on them and this is usually a suspicious flag for Google and does not appear to be a natural website.

Most websites that are made from spam are going to use any kind of tactic that they can think of to get you to continually click on their website links. This makes for easy money for this website. Once they begin to see how good that one site is doing and how easy it is to get people to click on their links, they then continue to build other websites that are just like this. However, they are breaking the rules set forth by Google and run the risk of being banned from the Google programs.

The Google Sandbox Debate and what the Google sandbox does for website creators

This makes it hard for people who do not create spam websites to actually make any money with the program. The websites that are created to contain actual links and have a good amount of top quality content on them are not being displayed properly on the Google return search pages because the people who are using the spam are being returned instead. This is giving everyone the fair advantage to being top ranked with the new Google sandbox filter system.

There is a large amount of skeptics out there who do not believe that the Google sandbox filter is actually something that Google does. It was first back in 2004 that most website creators started to notice that when a website was created that it was unable to be displayed at the top of the website return list for several months after being published.

What happens to these websites is that while the website contains all the good makings of a legitimate website with all the right optimization to make it high on the page rankings, it was still unable to achieve good amounts of traffic.

You will want to know that any kind of website is subject to the Google sandbox effect. The sandbox filter is not just aimed at one specific type of website and can affect anyone who is looking to create and launch a new website. The older websites who have been around a while however are not prone as much as the new websites to have the sandbox affect their websites.

You will mostly see this on the websites who are attempting to get good results from the top ranked keywords and key phrases that they are using for their websites to get good returns on the Google page listings. It is a debate that will go on for many years and months on whether or not the Google sandbox really does exist or not.


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