Marketing for Health Websites

While Australia is not without its health-related problems, it is the fourth worldwide country with the largest lifetime expectancy. Men have a life expectancy of 79.5 years, while women go up to 84 years. And this can only be the product of generally healthy lifestyles and access to good resources, both in terms of education and practices.

Among the general population, skin cancer and preventable death derived from cigarette smoking are the biggest issues. Increased and prolonged exposure to sunlight is one of the biggest issues, placing Australia at the top of skin cancer rates in the world. Smoking accounts for 7.9% of death and disease in the country.

With an almost 10% GDP spending on health, Australia boasts a huge health sector. Since 1975, it introduced universal health care for its inhabitants, under the name of Medicare. People pay a 1.5% tax surcharge which is known as the Medicare Levy to fund the Medicare sector. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme which provides with help in subsidizing medicine cost is covered by the Commonwealth while the Government oversees all hospitals and other patient care facilities.

In this section, you’ll find a lot of information and resources pertaining to the health sector, from article bases to official websites of popular treatment facilities. For people in need of help determining a certain treatment path, there will be websites which allow for instant contact with medical professionals from around the country who can help you, regardless of your problem.


  • Australian Association of Pathology Practices
    National peak body for private pathology in Australia offers information on membership, policies, legislation and guidelines.

  • Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring (ACAM)
    Offers asthma sufferers advice on how to handle their conditions. Provides interpretation of data vital to asthma prevention and management.

  • Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council
    Provides information and details of membership, principal committees, media releases, issues, legislative and government responsibilities and resources.

  • Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research
    This research center offers information on researchers, events, donations, getting involved, healthcare providers, resources and media.

  • Doctor Connect
    Australian government authorized information on finding work as a physician in Australia.

  • Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Medicine
    An aesthetic medical clinic and coolsculpting in Melbourne, tailoring individualised treatment plans for every patient.

  • HIF (Health Insurance Fund of Australia): Private Health Insurance Cover
    Private Health Insurance Cover in a range of affordable cover packages. From Domestic to Hospital and Travel Cover their insurance aims to provide cover to lead healthy, happy lives.

  • The Fix Program Sydney CBD
    Provides physiotherapy, pilates, pports physiotherapy, pregnancy pilates, women's health physiotherapy and back pain Treatment in Sydney.