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  • TechBrain IT Services Perth
    A provider of innovative IT support, IT security, cloud computing, data backup, disaster recovery and IT managed services solutions to corporate, nonprofit and local government organisations with between 10 and 200 people.

  • TheSSLStore
    SSL certificate provider and platinum partner for VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL.

    Resource for the computer security community where users can find out everyhting that happens in the IT world.

  • Cloudspace USA
    CloudSpace USA is Houston Based, Leading IT Infrastructure Management, Security, and Data Management Company Providing Cloud Computing and IT managed Support Services. Complete IT Support Provider to meet your IT business needs.

  • Complete Computer & Mobile Security Information
    Offers a broad base of security information, everything from wireless router security to email protection and social media exploits.

  • Epic EP
    Contains reports, government policies and articles related to encryption and privacy on the Internet.

    An interactive community forum that offers tech support, anti-virus and spyware removal.

  • Geeks on Site: Current Trend and Technologies
    An article about computers, their history, how they work and what you can do to keep them running.

  • Information Technology Laboratory EP
    Federal information processing standards publication that describes the algorithm created and used by so many specialists in the field.

  • Internet Firewalls EP
    Features design and background implementation issues, along with how-to's and similar technical information.

  • Internet Storm Center EP
    Offers a platform for users of firewalls to share intrusion information and prevent such breaches from happening again.

  • Irvine Underground EP
    An organization of computer experts that explore underground-related topics such as hacking, phreaking and security.

  • ISCA Labs
    A resource that is available to both individuals and businesses to test new security programs for safety and certification.

  • Lenny Zeltser EP
    Features a lenghy illustrated paper that offers instructions for the configuration of firewalls and routers.

  • Nmap EP
    This is an adult firewall configuration that uses a stealth port scanner addressing both the commercial and the residential client.

    A site designed to test how good your pop-up blocker is.

    Dedicated mostly to network security on computers as well as mobile devices.

  • Safemode EP
    Offers a compilation of defaced web sites. Addressing mainy skilled professionals in the field.

  • Spyware Warrior
    A list of suspect and harmful anti-spyware programs that masquerade as legitimate software.

  • Surf the Net Safely
    Gives background on what a virus, trojan, and worm are and how to both prevent infection and remove threats.

  • The Firewall Toolkit EP
    Offers information on free, popular and available firewalls that cna be used either eith home or corporate PCs and networks.

Security Web Directory

Keeping a system secure is one of the most important tasks for users and computer administrators to undertake.

A secure computer is one that is resistant to most, if not all, outside attacks, whether those stem from viruses and other forms of malware to hackers and other deliberate attempts to infiltrate the system. Without the proper amount of security, an entire network can be left vulnerable to any number of malicious attacks from outside sources.

Security breaches can come from any number of areas. Trojan horse programs bring in viruses and other destructive programs by hiding them in otherwise harmless looking packages. Backdoor programs use remote networking to infiltrate your computer, while Denial of Service attacks deliberately prevent you from using your computer by flooding it with data over a short period of time.

The most dangerous of these breaches come in the form of viruses spread via e-mail attachments. Since most people don't normally give a second thought to opening something sent from them by a friend or fellow worker, these attacks can be the most successful.

There is a high risk of getting infected whenever an user connects to the Internet and has not taken the necessary security measures in order to protect his computer and information from malicious programs. Viruses are created by hackers that either want to damage a computer or to gather information from somebody`s PC and then use it with other purposes.

This is why computer security is highly important for everybody that has access to the Internet. Firewalls are the most known form of computer security besides antiviruses that claim to protect you against all known viruses and malicious softwares. Internet security is vital for the protection of your Internet data, because if you deal with online transactions via virtual banks. If you have not taken the needed security actions you put yourself at great risk because of the hackers that steal your account information and can withdraw money from your accounts. Computer security programs such as antiviruses and firewalls protect you against some of the most known forms of softwares that have a hidden malicious feature.

These sorts of software can harm your computer and some of the most known malicious software include malware, trojans, spyware, viruses and worms. There is no such thing as "low risk virus", because all of them have a great harmful potential. Taking the necessary security measures will guarantee you a clean, safe-to-use computer.

Data encryption, network firewalls and wireless access keys are just some of the important tools that system administrators use to promote good security within their networks. Most of these tools are available to ordinary consumers for their own home network security.

Consumer grade software firewalls and antivirus software are just two of the products that are readily available on most shelves, while companies opt for hardware based firewalls and other dedicated equipment for protecting their networks. is a good place to start if you want to learn more about computer security. Our directory provides hundreds of links to relevant and useful websites with the information you need about computer security. No longer will you have to rely on ordinary search engines in order to find the information that you want, quickly and easily.