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Making money online is about a solid reputation

People who make money online take great care of their brand’s reputation. They do that by promoting the presence of their product out over the Web. Your web site and its published content have to invite people to interact with you. Every once in a while you should look carefully at this feedback you get from your audience, because that’s actually your reputation on the web you’ll be looking at.Think of this as a reputation cloud. The reputation cloud of your brand or products includes all your traditional offline marketing methods, as well as the product presence that your online marketing effort generates. The brand reputation cloud, as I like to call it, also includes the growing quantity of customer interactions, reactions, and responses to your online marketing strategy.You should be well aware of the fact that your reputation cloud includes customer discussions about you, your products and your website. In fact, your brands reputation cloud is grown by your customers, competitors, suppliers, partners, and even employees. And they are doing this every time your brand comes in discussion.You’re here, reading this post, because you’re making money online or you want to start making money online. Either way, this advice should be quite useful for both categories. Paying attention to your reputation cloud should include the following:

  • How and where your website appears in search engine results
  • Is your online business mentioned by bloggers?
  • Do your customers ever write reviews of your products or services on popular review sites?
  • Do you write articles about your product and your company? How are they performing?
  • Websites that link to yours and how they do it.

By having these things under control, you’re on the right way and making money online will be even more pleasant than before.The Internet has given customers the possibility to share their opinions about your online business and the products or services you provide. Use this feedback to your own advantage by focusing on the above mentioned hot spots of your reputation cloud.


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