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Connection between making money online and publishing new content

Fresh and unique content, updated frequently is one of the simplest ways to make money online or, at least, to put you on the right track. You may not have realized it yet, but all this public and online customer interaction I was talking about in my previous posts means that, in one way or another, you are in the publishing business. E-mail, websites, blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and so many other new platforms give you the opportunity to interact with your customers better than ever before. To all that just add the magic ingredient: new, high quality content.One way of publishing new content is by responding publicly online to customer feedback. But instead of posting a piece of text that’s extremely formal and corporate-like, try to get closer to people. I’m not saying you should avoid a formal style of speech and make vulgar jokes or similar mistakes. Just act natural and show that in your answers.Keep in mind that publishing content will attract customers into interaction. You can use this content to entice potential prospects into agreeing to hear more about your website and your products. And don’t forget that you can monetize that content and make money online out of it, as was discussed in a previous post, “Make money with AdSense‘.The more you customize your content to stir up an answer from your audience or attract links using their company sites , the more traffic you’ll attract, and you’ll increase your search engine ranking, too.The content you have produced contributes to your product presence. It actually has the possibility to make you money on both ways. Then, while you distribute this content to your customers and they spread it further, your reputation cloud grows and you make money online, which is exactly what you want. Interesting point of view, isn’t it?Pursuing these content writing marketing approaches will get you farther, faster, more cost-effectively than traditional marketing techniques because these strategies engage customers in long-term relationships with your products. You don’t have to sell something physical. Even the content you produce can be viewed as a money making product.You can use online marketing tools to draw customers to your website, entertain them, and encourage them to trust, believe, and start a longer-term relationship along with you, your brand, and your products.The greatest online money making opportunities for online marketing success today lie in leveraging the large reach of the Internet like a common platform. You can put it to work to develop better and more profitable relationships with customers. Be ready to entertain or educate them instead of just pitch at them.


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