How to make money online by playing MMO games

Yup, that’s right: you can make money online by playing games. Since Blizzard Entertainment’s well known WaW (World of Wordcraft) has been released (1994) people discovered a new world full of excitement, fantasies, heroes, kings and demons. After WaW many MMOs were released but only a few of them worth to be mentioned: Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, AION and the new Rift.

Like in our real world every MMO has its own currency (gold, coins, etc) that players can use to buy gear, weapons, potions, pocket items and so on. Now, you may wonder how someone can make money out of it. Well, when you play a MMO your main concern isn’t the game money making, but to level up your character, gear it up, participate to raids and stuff like that. So, players have exploited this and some of them started to craft things in order to sell them to other players. This way they can make in game money, which is tradable. The price? Real money.There are a few things someone who is trying to make money online by playing games should be aware of:1. You won’t have enough time to enjoy the game and make enough in game currency. So, if you are 100% determined to earn cash from the game you are playing, you will have to become familiarized with the GRIND term (doing the same thing over and over again). For example, in WAR you can make very strong potions then sell them using the Auction House feature. But in order to get the ingredients necessary to craft those potions you have to kill different NPC animals many, many times.2. Don’t expect to make a fortune. You can make anything between $100-$500/month. The more players the game has the better because the demand for in game currency is higher.3. Don’t disclose what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s against a MMO terms of service to sell/buy currency. But everyone is doing it.4. Don’t try to cheat: on every auctioning website you will have a reputation score. You want that to be positive in order to continue making more money after a couple of successfully completed transactions.

Ok, how do I get real money selling in game currency?

 Once you have made enough in game currency you can start selling it. Do not try to spam region chat (in game chat) advertising your attempt. There are a lot of websites who’ll gladly buy your gold (and sell it afterwards) however they tend to offer less money than what the currency is actually worth.Making money by selling your in game currency is facilitated by websites like:


…and many others. Just do a Google search: “<the name of the MMO you’re playing> sell gold‘.Like in any other money making industry the fraud rate may be quite high, but almost all auctioning websites do have some sort of middleman service. You will have to pay a few, of course, but at least you’re sailing on safe waters.From this point your money making incentive is a piece of cake: Some other player who needs your gold will send you real cash for the in game currency you have.There are also others ways to make money online by playing games:

  • Level up different characters and sell accounts (there are many players who don’t enjoy leveling up a character, and they are willing to pay for a “ready to play” toon)
  • Sell Items (in most of the MMOs there are special items, very valuable ones: once you have them, you can auction them)


Making money online by playing MMOs it’s just another way of combining business with fun. I’ve met many people who sold their one year old accounts for $1k, who were selling and buying in game currency etc. This money making method is more like making money while having a laugh – which in my opinion is just great. But remember: No one can guarantee how long a specific MMO will be rolling so my advice is not to place all eggs in the same basket.


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